Celebrity Trainer Sami Clarke Offers Healthy Alternatives To Avoid Extra Cals While Celebrating Summer

Between frozen cocktails & nonstop BBQs, it can be tough to stay in shape during bikini season! Sami Clarke shared with HL her favorite healthy items to swap in!

Courtesy of Sami Clarke
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Sami Clarke

Summer is a celebratory time with weddings, birthdays, and holidays (like the upcoming National Tequila Day on July 24th). These events can be filled with endless foods and drinks, some of which might not be the best for your summer health goals. In speaking to HollywoodLife.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview, celebrity trainer and wellness expert Sami Clarke revealed her tips for enjoying your summertime festivities while remaining health conscious! 

“Alcohol can have a lot of sugar and calories, so focusing on what you can do without taking away from having a good time is what I recommend,” Sami advised. “Picking out the right drink, like for me I’m a tequila soda girl, so keeping it super clean with extra lime — it’s still really yummy but it’s not going for a Tequila Sunrise that maybe has 10 different liquids in it and a ton of sugar.” The celeb trainer, who works with models Devin Windsor and Montana Brown, added that sticking to your workout routine and clean eating throughout the week will give you some leeway on the weekends for your summer celebrations!

Courtesy of Sami Clarke

“Try to stay on top of yourself throughout the week so when it comes to those weekend festivities, you don’t feel guilty or hold yourself back from allowing yourself to indulge a little bit!” Sami said. When it comes to her go-to healthy meal right now, she admitted she’s been obsessing over homemade bowls that are easy to make and protein-packed. “It’s something you can just throw together and it tastes so amazing!” she gushed. Sami revealed she’s been making a taco bowl recently, adding greens, chickpeas and really “any vegetables.” “Stick it in the oven for about 20 minutes and it’s so good and super easy!” she said.

Sami added that she tosses some Siete Queso — a vegan, dairy free brand — on top of the bowl as a finishing touch. When it comes to toppers, like dressings or salsas, Sami reminded readers to stay cautious about what’s put in them. “There are so many hidden calories and ingredients in dressings,” she warned. As an alternative, she shared her faves which include Bitchin’ Sauce, Primal Kitchen, or just simply making your own so you know exactly what is in it!

Sami shares more of her favorite recipes and some intense, booty burning at-home workouts on her YouTube channel! She also offers a program on the app Fit Plans, which you can find via her Instagram.

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