‘The 100’s Tasya Teles Reveals Echo Begins To ‘Unravel’ After Bellamy’s ‘Death’ & More

Echo reacted pretty much like the rest of us when Bellamy appeared to die in the June 17 episode of 'The 100.' Tasya Teles spoke with HL about how Echo will continue coping and teased Octavia will try to 'connect' with Echo.

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Is Bellamy Blake really dead on The 100? That’s the question we all want and need answered. From the looks of it, the beloved character could have indeed perished at the hands of one of the Disciples in an explosion. When Echo saw Bellamy’s supposed death while watching a projection in Octavia’s brain, she seemed convinced he was dead. In a fit of rage and grief, Echo brutally killed Levitt’s replacement right then and there. So, where does Echo go from here?

Jason [Rothenberg] sets Echo up in a situation where she’s going to have to learn how to live in the world without being the right-hand to somebody,” Tasya Teles told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “That’s a format that she’s most familiar with, whether it’s Queen Nia or Bellamy, and now that the person that she fell in love with that taught her what family means and friendships and all these beautiful things is gone, I think she starts to unravel a bit. What happens when she unravels when she tries to find her own identity is basically the journey that she goes on for the rest of the season. Because I think for the first time she really feels like she’s alone and she’s making decisions. She starts making decisions for the pack instead of just executing decisions on behalf of somebody else. So things get a little weird for her.”

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Tasya Teles in the June 17 episode of ‘The 100.’ (The CW)

Since we have yet to see Bellamy’s body, there is still hope that he’s alive somewhere. Tasya confirmed that fans will find out definitively whether or not Bellamy is really dead. Regardless, witnessing this violent moment happen to Bellamy is “really triggering” for Echo’s trauma. “I think she becomes a different person,” Tasya continued. “I think Echo’s undergone a lot of changes over the seasons, but I think the biggest one for her is who is she without somebody to follow? She’s such a dangerous weapon because she’s trained and highly-skilled and all that kind of stuff. She could go in any direction and that puts her in a very worrisome situation.”

As devastating as Bellamy’s fate is to Echo, it’s equally devastating to Octavia. In the wake of what’s happened, Octavia will try to connect with Echo. “I think she [Octavia] is on a journey of healing whereas Echo just started this journey of pain and confusion,” Tasya said. “I think Octavia sees what Echo’s going through, identifies with it, and tries to connect with Echo down the road, but whether Echo is taking to Octavia’s advice or not is something we’ll see in the episodes to come.”

Over the course of the first 5 episodes, Echo has crossed paths with Diyoza’s daughter Hope. Tasya weighed in on the evolving dynamic between the two characters: “Hope has no training. All of her training was in a bubble. She’s never gone out into a real battlefield. She’s never dealt with a large group of people or very strategic complex situations to execute something. She has the capacity to go rogue. Echo does, too. Echo sees herself as more experienced, and she is more experienced. Hope is more hot-headed and impulsive. Echo’s trying to keep Hope safe and keep Hope to task and keep her focused on what’s important. I think that Echo is a really good strategist. She is a really good general. What happened in the last episode when she killed that guy I think that was out of character. She’s usually pretty good in these last couple seasons with keeping it together, so her reaction in that episode was her coming undone a bit. Between the two of them, which one is more detrimental to the plan at hand? Will it be Hope leading the charge because Echo has lost it? Or is Echo going to be able to herself together and continue pushing forward while Hope is the one who might accidentally ruin the plan?” The 100 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.