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‘The 100’: Why Bellamy Won’t Be In All Of The Final Season Episodes

'The 100' returned for its seventh and final season with a quick appearance from Bellamy Blake before he disappeared. The beloved character won't be in all of the final season's 16 episodes, and there's a good reason for it.

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For the majority of The 100’s season 7 premiere you might have been asking: where is Bellamy? The character appeared at the beginning of the episode following Octavia getting stabbed and disappearing in his arms. With her blood still on his hands, Bellamy screamed his sister’s name. Suddenly, he was knocked down and dragged around by some invisible force before disappearing as well. This set in motion a search by Echo, Gabriel, and Hope to find him.

There’s a reason why Bellamy suddenly disappeared, and creator Jason Rothenberg explained the reason behind it. “What I will say is that Bob [Morley] chose to take some time off this season, and I know that he was grateful that the studio was able to work out a storyline that enabled him to do that,” Jason told E! Online. “Fortunately, we did have time to craft a story with all the twists and turns that our fans have come to expect, and most importantly I think the big emotionality that our fans have come to expect in the past seven seasons. But the origin of that story really started with that decision on his part.”

There’s no return date yet for Bellamy, but Jason told our sister site TVLine that Bellamy’s disappearance will “play a huge role in the season.” He noted that “it’s the thing that’s going to be driving so many of our characters this season — to find him and hopefully save him.” Jason did confirm that Bellamy will return at some point. “We will see him again,” he told TVLine.

On the day of the season 7 premiere, Bob tweeted a sweet message to fans. “Thank you for sitting through all the heartache and triumphs, baiting and bruises. Thank you for allowing us to embark on this journey! It’s time to face the music, hope you enjoy the second installment of ‘Book 2.'”

The return of Bellamy Blake will be so worth it. The final season of The 100 will consist of 16 episodes. The show will fittingly come to an end with its 100th episode. The 100 currently airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.