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‘Jersey Shore’: Snooki, Deena & JWoww Cry After Angelina Bashes Their ‘Distasteful’ Speech

Angelina Pivarnick's wedding ended in tears for Snooki, JWoww and Deena following their speech, which Ang slammed as 'distasteful,' on the June 18 episode of 'Jersey Shore.'

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The June 18 episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation picked up after Nicole “Snooki” PolizziJenni “JWoww” Farley and Deena Cortese were booed by the guests at Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding after making a joke about Staten Island. As they made that joke and many others, Angelina was noticeably laughing along. Finally, once the booing stopped, Deena concluded the speech with a more sentimental message, and the girls walked offstage with no ill-will from Angelina.

Once the girls walked back to their table, Angelina asked her new husband, Chris Larangeira, if he was mad about the joke. He insisted he wasn’t. Angelina also claimed she wasn’t mad, and even said, “I laugh. I don’t give a f***.” When Chris continued to assure Angelina he wasn’t mad, he admitted that “everybody else is,” and Angelina laughed it off. “That’s good, let them be mad.”

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As the night went on, though, Angelina began to change her tune. The next time the cameras panned to her and Chris, they were having the same conversation. This time, Angelina said, “They shouldn’t have done that, I know.” Meanwhile, the girls had no idea she was getting pissed. “[Being booed] was horrible,” JWoww admitted in a confessional. “But, hey, Angelina was laughing and living her best life during our speech, so that’s all that matters.”

Angelina continued to grow more irate about the speech. “That’s so f***ing corny,” she complained to Chris. “That was corny. “I think we should go outside and flip out. I’m not happy. I was laughing trying to laugh it off, but that was not funny.” Chris tried to convince Angelina to stop letting the moment ruin her night, but she wasn’t hearing it. In a confessional, she added, “I know in my heart and in my brain that my husband is extremely hurt that these girls are saying this about his wife right now. It’s the wrong f***ing place. It’s the wrong time. You don’t do that at somebody’s wedding.”

Back at their table, Snooki, JWoww and Deena were visibly upset over the negative reaction to their speech, which was meant to be lighthearted and funny. “The girls had no malicious intent whatsoever,” Pauly D explained in a confessional. “They thought they were being funny. They told jokes that Angelina tells all the time.” However, in her confessional, Angelina explained, “I feel so disrespected. I don’t care if I’m the biggest jokester on the face of this Earth and I joke about myself all the time. That’s my prerogative. How dare you do this on my wedding night?”

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Eventually, Angelina stormed out of her own wedding, as Chris continued to try and calm her down. She even insisted that the cameras not follow her outside. When JWoww found out how upset Angelina was, she started crying at the table. Deena also got upset, and even threatened to leave early. All of the girls were admittedly confused by Angelina’s new reaction, as they saw her laughing along while the speech was happening.

As Angelina remained outside for more than an hour, the rest of the crowd began to forget about what happened and started partying the night away. Deena even began joking around with other guests about being booed, and there didn’t seem to be any ill-will — except from Angelina. Finally, with just an hour left to go in the wedding, Angelina went back inside.

At that point, Pauly, Vinny Guadagnino, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro decided to take it upon themselves to ease the tension. They led a fun dance party in the middle of the dance floor, and even Angelina was having a blast. Deena thought that things were back to normal, so she tried to talk it out with Angelina.

“We weren’t trying to hurt your feelings, so I apologize,” she said, but Angelina wouldn’t hear it. “Just don’t,” she clapped back. “That was very distasteful.” When Deena insisted she wasn’t trying to pick a fight, Angelina screamed at her. “Get away from me, it’s too soon!” she said. “Just go. I want you out of my life.” Of course, this made Deena feel extremely upset.

“This night has been exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally,” she admitted in a confessional. “I can’t handle all this drama. It’s not for me. It wasn’t my intention and if someone thinks I’m mean enough to do that…they clearly don’t know me.” Back at the table, Deena started crying, and insisted to everyone that she’ll “never film with [Angelina] again.”

Snooki was also upset by how things went down, and announced to the group that she would be quitting the show. “This is just not fun,” she told them. In a confessional, she started crying, as she added, “I just love my roomies, always. Jersey Shore is literally my life. I never would’ve met my best friends. So the fact that it has to end like this…really sucks for me.”

By the end of the episode, everyone was unsure about how the group would move forward from this. “They want me to just say, okay, I forgive you, let’s move on from this,” Angelina said. “No way. Bye bye. I don’t know how I’m ever going to get over this.” Unfortunately, we won’t know what happens next until there’s a new season!