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‘Jersey Shore’: Deena Refuses To Film With Angelina Ever Again After Getting ‘Booed’ At Her Wedding

The drama is about to go down on 'Jersey Shore' during Angelina Pivarnick's wedding reception. Deena gets booed after giving a speech and vows to never film with the furious bride again.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of MTV

It’s finally happening! The blowout at Angelina Pivarnick‘s wedding reception between the Staten Island native and bridesmaid Deena Cortese, 33, will finally go down on the May 28 episode of Jersey Shore. The drama has been teased for months, and in a new clip, the New Jersey native refuses to film with Angelina ever again after guests boo Deena, 33, following her reception speech. As we previously reported EXCLUSIVELY, the bride got VERY upset about the content of the speech, where the ladies joked about how Angelina had already been engaged several times before marrying Chris Larangeira.

In a happier moment prior to the ceremony, Angelina is dressed in her gown and veil as she tells her bridesmaids Deena, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “JWoww” Farley, “Who would have known, eight years ago, we were all going to be together like this. Especially [considering] all the crazy times we’ve had?” It’s almost as if she’s giving a premonition of what’s to come as things will eventually go downhill from there.

There are some nice scenes of Angelina walking down the aisle to Chris. They also kiss as a minister declares them husband and wife at the altar. But a male cast member’s voice can be heard saying, “Look, I want to say it’s going to be no drama. But it’s us we’re talking about here,” over the video. Ooooh foreshadowing!

The scene then cuts to the emcee at the reception who says, “I would like to call up Nicole, Deena and Jenny.”  A loud round of boos could be heard next, with one male guest even putting his hands in the air to signal two thumbs down. Angelina is still at the main wedding party table as she stands up, angrily declaring “that is so f**ked up.” Jenni can then be seen at her table saying “are you kidding me?” before Angelina then goes on a tirade. She storms out of the reception hall and is seen outside yelling at the MTV crew, “Get your camera crew out of my f**king face.” There’s another scene of her inside the reception shouting at a cameraman, “Out of my face please please. Just turn around and go.”

Deena then is seen at the table with her cast mates and she is livid! “She’s happy her entire f**king crown booed us. I will never film with her again!” Deena proclaims about Angelina, as Jenni tells her, “I’m so f**king mortified.” As we previously reported EXCLUSIVELY just one day after Angelina’s Nov. 20, 2019 nuptials, “Angelina Pivarnick got really upset at one of her bridesmaids who gave a speech and poked fun of her being engaged so many times. It was meant to be a joke, but Angelina took offense to it and actually stormed off because of this. She was furious over it. It really upset her.”