Rachel Lindsay Shuts Down Conservative Pundit Candace Owens: ‘She’s Against Everything Black’

Rachel Lindsay is criticizing conservative pundit Candace Owens for her controversial comments about Black Lives Matter, saying that she's 'against everything black.' Listen to the exclusive podcast interview.

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The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay has a bone to pick with conservative pundit Candace Owens. Rachel, 35, a longtime critic of the MAGA firebrand, opened up about why she feels that Candace is “against everything black,” in an EXCLUSIVE podcast interview with HollywoodLife. The interview comes after Rachel retweeted someone who called Candace, 31, a “black white supremacist” for posting a video called I Do Not Support George Floyd.

“Candace is against Black Lives Matter. Candace is against everything that’s black, and that is the problem with Candace,” Rachel said on the HL podcast [listen HERE]. “And that’s why it’s so hard to address what she says. Like, for example, she will tweet something and say it’s a fact, but doesn’t provide any type of resources or any type of explanation as to why where [she] got this fact from.”

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel Lindsay (Shutterstock)

Currently, Candace is using Twitter to spread a conspiracy theory that Black Lives Matter is a “shell company” that’s using “black emotion” to donate money to Joe Biden‘s presidential campaign. She tweeted on June 10, “There are millions of black people in America who know #BlackLivesMatter is a terrorist group funded by white Democrats. Educated black Americans want absolutely nothing to do with them, and we will never ever take the knee.”

“What bothers me with Candace is that her comments take away from what Black Lives Matter really is about,” Rachel explained. “And it gives people who don’t want to unlearn what they’ve always known. It gives them the excuse to say, ‘well, Candace said it, so it must be true.’ It gives them the excuse to stay the way that they are and stay in that thinking. And that’s what’s circulating a lot around conservative circles.” Candace, an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump, was heavily criticized for her Facebook video focused on George Floyd‘s death.

As protesters continue to take to the streets in all 50 states for the second consecutive week, Candace slammed the movement, and praise for Floyd, who was killed at the hands of the Minneapolis police. “We are being sold a lot of lies at the detriment to the Black community, at the detriment to the White community and at the detriment to America as a whole,” she said in the June 3 video. “So, I want to come out and say that I do not support George Floyd and the media’s depiction of him as a martyr for Black America.”

Candace Owens
Candace Owens (Shutterstock)

Candace is known for stirring the pot on social media, and making outrageous statements — like defending Adolf Hitler. Yes, she did so at a Turning Point USA event in England in December 2018. “Whenever we say ‘nationalism,’ the first thing people think about, at least in America, is Hitler. You know, he was a national socialist, but if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, okay, fine,” she said in a video that surfaced in February 2019.

More recently, she got into a social media fight with NSYNC member Lance Bass. Lance criticized Candace for her comments about Black Lives Matter with a scathing Facebook post. When Candace found out, she called him “Justin Timberlake‘s backup singer” on Twitter, and told him that he “peaked in high school.” Huh? Lance called out Candace for being suspended from GoFundMe after raising $200,000 for an Alabama bar whose co-owner called George Floyd a “thug.”

“My biggest thing with Candace, and I said this once on social media, is that you have to think about it. What is her sole purpose? What is it that she’s always talking about? She’s literally used as a mouthpiece for conservatives to criticize the very race that she is. Period. If she wasn’t criticizing black people, they would not be using her,” Rachel told HL.

“And that’s what’s so frustrating about her, because she claims that she’s trying to open the eyes of black people, but she does nothing to support her very own race. Not one thing,” she continued. “I mean, she stood up and said that white supremacy and racism don’t exist in this country.” Vice President Mike Pence invited Candace to the White House on June 4 to discuss race relations in the United States.

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