Candace Owens Drags Lance Bass In The Strangest Twitter Fight Ever: ‘You Peaked In High School’

After Lance Bass went off on conservative activist Candace Owens for allegedly promoting racist ideologies that 'diminish the Black community,' she dissed the former NSYNC member as 'Justin Timberlake's backup singer.'

In what has to be one of the more random feuds to come out of the Black Lives Matter rallies and racial injustice protests, Candace Owens and Lance Bass are in a war of words, and she’s dissing the singer for “peaking in high school.” It started when the 41-year-old former NSYNC member called out the conservative Black pundit as a “fraud” in a June 8 Facebook post. He directed readers to an article by the Business Insider titled, “GoFundMe shut down Candace Owens’ account for attacking George Floyd‘s character, saying she spread ‘falsehoods against the black community.'” Lance also shared a NewsOne article titled, “Every Receipt Proving Candace Owens Is A Con Artist Who Is Following The Money.”

“Anyone that uses this a**hole to justify ANYTHING is well, an a**hole. This woman knows what she is saying is wrong. She does it to get PAID! Just like that Milo Yiannopolous fraud. #CandaceOwens is a fraud,” Lance wrote in the caption. Once Candace, 31, caught wind of it, she dissed the singer by diminishing his career accomplishments in music.

“Apparently, @LanceBass —known to most of us as Justin Timberlake’s fourth back-up singer from decades past—has been going off about me on Facebook bc he thinks any Black person that won’t support BLM ain’t Black,” Candace wrote on June 8 after Lance’s FB messages. She then got in another personal dig, dissing him by writing,” Lance, you peaked in high school. Nobody cares what you think.”

Candace Owens Twitter
Conservative activist Candace Owens and singer Lance Bass feud via Twitter on June 8, 2020.

Lance fired back, “And btw, never once did I say a Black person isn’t really Black for not supporting #BLM. Again more lies coming from your end per usual. I simply stated that YOU promote racist ideologies that overtly diminish the Black community to appeal to a white ignorant base. Clear now?”

Candace Owens
Conservative activist Candace Owens delivers remarks at US President Donald J. Trump’s Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington D.C. on Oct. 4, 2019. Photo credit: REX/Shutterstock

Candace then took it a step further, calling out Lance in another tweet. “Maybe when JT wins another lifetime achievement award, he’ll invite you sing back up again. Until then — why don’t shut up. My grandfather didn’t live through segregation so that one day a White boy could to tell me how to behave like a good little Black girl,” she wrote. Lance responded by reposting the article calling Candace a “con artist.”

Candace has been highly critical of anyone calling George Floyd a “hero” or ‘”martyr,” claiming he was a “horrible human being” and a “criminal.” The 46-year-old Black man died after a White Minneapolis Police officer kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes during a May 25 arrest. His horrifying death after repeatedly telling Officer Derek Chauvin, “I can’t breathe,” sparked the hundreds of BLM rallies and anti-police brutality marches nationwide. Chauvin, 44, is now facing second degree murder charges in connection with Floyd’s death.

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