Celeb Manicurist Lucy Tucker Reveals The Secret To Selena Gomez’s Gorgeous Nails

Being stuck inside during quarantine can feel daunting and, if you need some inspo to do your own nails at home, Selena Gomez's manicurist revealed to HL the secret behind the star's gorgeous nails!

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It’s no secret that Selena Gomez, 27, has the most perfect nails. The star is always rocking some sort of fabulous manicure. Considering we’re all stuck inside during the quarantine, copying her look by going to a professional at a nail salon is a bit impossible right now. Luckily, Selena’s manicurist, Lucy Tucker, revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how you can get gorgeous nails, just like the star.

When it comes to rocking a fabulous manicure, for Selena, it all starts in her head. “Selena always gives her input on the manicure,” said Lucy, who first started working with the pop star during her stops in London about four years ago. “She always knows exactly what she wants. Although she does always check with the stylist, she’s already got [the look] in her mind.”

Lucy most recently worked with Selena for an ID magazine photo shoot. (The “Lose You To Love Me” singer appeared in the U.K. magazine at the end of 2019, while promoting her latest album, Rare.) On that trip monochrome nails were her go-to look. “She knew she wanted black, so we did black nails and matching black tone gel polish,” Lucy said of her promo tour style.

selena gomez
Selena Gomez’s manicurist, Lucy Tucker, who did Selena’s nails in the photo, revealed to HL exclusively, the secret behind the star’s gorgeous nails! (REX/Shutterstock)

As for how Selena achieved such gorgeous nails, Lucy revealed that the singer is partly just genetically blessed. “She’s got amazing long nail beds,” the Londoner said. “She actually doesn’t need to have a very long nail because they look so long. So they were quite long and they looked absolutely gorgeous.” To achieve the look they were going for, they just kept it simple. “Just the gel polish on top,” Lucy dished, sharing the ridiculously easy tip.

Obviously, we can’t all have Selena Gomez’s nail beds but, if you want to flaunt nails that look like a celeb manicurist has worked their magic, Lucy has some tips. Just the act of giving yourself a manicure while you’re in quarantine will make you feel special, she noted. “It does relax you,” she said, “doing something for yourself and looking down and feeling your nails are nicely finished. It does make you feel better. It’s like when you wash your hair and have clean hair. It’s a nice feeling. The same goes for your nails.”

Lucy suggests keeping things simple. “Cut and file your nails,” she said. “I never recommend cutting your cuticles if you can help it. Just very gently push them back and [add] loads of oil. I’m a massive advocate for oil. Oil really is the best thing for your nails. I always cover up my nails and my toenails in oil. Always.”

Asked why she’s such a fan of oil, Lucy said, “It just keeps your cuticles in a good way. It really helps nourish them and keep them looking supple and nice. It helps your nails grow.” For more tips on how to get the perfect manicure, check out Lucy’s Instagram page.