Big Sean Shares Heartbreaking Message About Racial Injustice: ‘I Don’t Feel Equal & I Don’t Feel Free’

Big Sean posted a video in which he wished his 'sisters and brothers strength' as he talked about why 'justice needs to be served' in the wake of George Floyd's tragic death.

Big Sean, 32, is one of many celebrities speaking out about social injustice after George Floyd‘s tragic death in Minneapolis on May 25. The rapper shared a video on his Instagram page on June 1 that showed him discussing his feelings about racism and being an African-American at this time in the world, when nationwide protests have been going on in most American cities. Although change is being demanded by thousands, he admitted that he doesn’t feel “free” in the midst of all the chaos.

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From the heart #BlackLivesMatter

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“Clearly we got the whole world’s attention, obviously, and justice has to be served, period, and if it’s not, I don’t think things are gonna change or get better” he said in the video. He went on to talk about how he’s been protesting but feels that some violent people in the protests may have “ulterior motives” that are meant to make peaceful protesters look like “wild beasts.” “We’re not wild beasts, we’re extraordinary, talented, magical people that if you took us out of the equation, the world would be very, very bland,” he explained.

He also opened up about what he feels are the biggest issues blocking social justice from happening. “This current government and country is built on a racist foundation,” he said before going into details about how some of the “first police forces ever” were “made during slavery down south” and “their main focus was to capture, apprehend, beat, and discipline slaves.” “You want to talk about land of equality and freedom, I don’t feel equal and I don’t feel free,” he said while also making the conclusion that things need to be updated and the government needs to “relay the foundation” in order for real change to happen.

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Big Sean’s touching video comes after thousands of protesters have been making headlines for going out to march for Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement over the past week. The participants have held signs with powerful messages on them, started positive chants, put on silent demonstrations, and more to bring awareness and change to racism. Although some of the protests have gotten violent with looting and police use of rubber bullets, tear gas, and pepper spray, there have been many peaceful moments too.

On June 2, Floyd’s family joined protesters in his hometown of Houston, TX to fight for justice and thank people for all their support. “I don’t want nobody to be protesting violently…You’re saying it in all our names not just his name. It’s bigger than my brother,” his brother, Philonise told the crowd of thousands during the event.

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