Peyton Manning Trash Talks Rival Tom Brady During Charity Golf Tournament: ‘That’s A Cheap Shot’

They may be off the football field, but the feud lives on! Peyton Manning had some words for his rival on the golf course, and Tom Brady playfully responded back!

Peyton Manning & Tom Brady
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He may be retired, but Peyton Manning, 44, has kept a light hearted feud going with Tom Brady, 42! The football stars were set to participate in The Match: Champions for Charity golf tournament to raise money for COVID-19 efforts, and Peyton was already thinking of ways to throw Tom off his game. “It’s hard to get to [Tom], to be honest,” Peyton said in a video, going on to suggest NFL stars who have been a thorn in Tom’s side over the years.

“You bring Eli [Manning] — could do that. Bring Nick Foles, maybe,” Peyton went on, referencing his younger brother and the Chicago Bears’ star quarterback. Notably, Nick and Eli are the only two quarterbacks to beat Tom in the Super Bowl: Tom’s team, the New England Patriots, lost to Nick’s Philadelphia Eagles back in 2014, while Eli and the New York Giants claimed a victory over the Patriots back in 2008.

“I was thinking Bill Belichick as a caddie for me, to see how that would have worked,” Peyton added, naming the head coach of Tom’s former team. “It may not have been good for me either, because Bill brings up bad things for me, as well — but that’s probably who I would have brought. Bill Belichick,” he joked. Overhearing what Peyton was saying, Tom hilariously turned around and responded, “that’s a cheap shot!”

Tom and Peyton had one of the most legendary rivalries in the NFL, spanning 15 seasons until Peyton’s 2016 retirement. The pair are considered two of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, and faced off many times over the years.

“Brady, we were talking — he would have brought [former Patriots Tight End] Rob Gronkowski because Rob does whatever Tom asks him to do,” Peyton said earlier, as Tom laughed on the driving range. “Go wrestle, take a year off, come play later,” Peyton added, taking a jab at Rob, who made an appearance in the WWE.

The entire thing was in good fun, as the duo played alongside golf pros Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson on Florida’s scenic Medalist Golf Club. Peyton was partnered with Tiger, while Tom played alongside Phil, as the foursome faced off in the legendary match which raised $10 million for COVID relief.

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