‘The Baker & The Beauty’ Sneak Peek: Daniel Fights With His Parents Over Going To Morocco With Noa

Daniel talks with his parents about going to Morocco with Noa and it doesn't go over well in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of 'The Baker and the Beauty.'

Danie comes to see his parents and needs to talk with them right now. Mari and Rafael ask him if this talk can wait, but Daniel stresses that it can’t. “Noa is going to Morocco to shoot that movie this summer, and I’m going with her,” Daniel says in our EXCLUSIVE preview of the May 18 episode of The Baker and the Beauty. “It’s 3 months, it’s a great opportunity. And, honestly, with everything that’s been going on here, I feel like I need a break. Maybe just get away.”

Mari tells Daniel that he can’t go away for three months. They need him here to help them run the family business. He says he can find a temporary replacement until he gets back. Daniel believes this is a once in a lifetime chance. He continues to fight with his mom about this, as Rafael stays silent.

However, it doesn’t take long for Rafael to speak up. “If you want to turn your back on us, I can’t stop you,” Rafael tells Daniel. “If you want to pretend you’re someone else, that’s your choice. But don’t dilute yourself into thinking this is about following your dreams. You’re following hers.” Daniel claims that this is his dream. Rafael doesn’t think so. He thinks Daniel is living in a fantasy.

The synopsis for the May 18 episode reads: “Noa and Daniel’s worlds are turned upside down when Vanessa ignites a scandal. As Noa works overtime to salvage the reputation of her company and ease tensions with her board of directors, Daniel tries to smooth things over with his family. Meanwhile, Piper (Georgina Reilly) learns that Lewis has been keeping a devastating secret.” The Baker & The Beauty airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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