‘The Baker & The Beauty’ Preview: Daniel Surprises Noa With A Very Tasty Date

Noa brings Daniel to Puerto Rico, but he's the one that plans a fun and delicious date in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the April 27 episode of 'The Baker & The Beauty.'

Noa and Daniel’s romantic adventure continues and takes them to Puerto Rico in the all-new episode of The Baker & The Beauty. While Noa is there for a charity trip, Daniel plans a little getaway for the two of them. He takes them to Piñones, a place he’s always wanted to go to. He tells Noa that this part of the island is Afro-Caribbean so it’s similar to Cuba. She’s impressed with his “Trip Advisor” skills.

Daniel reveals to Noa that they’re about to grab some food at stands nearby. They are going to be able to taste the entire island’s cuisine with just one caveat. “Almost everything is fried,” Daniel says. Noa doesn’t seem to mind that! They get to work tasting the delicious food while also flirting up a storm.

“How perfect is this?” Daniel asks Noa with a huge smile on his face. He’s loving this. Noa replies, “It’s incredible.” Daniel introduces himself to one of the food stand owners and turns to Noa before he hesitates. Noa introduces herself and doesn’t come up with a fake name. The food stand owner doesn’t seem to pick up on the fact that Noa is a celebrity!

The synopsis for the April 27 episode of the show reads: “Noa invites Daniel on a charity trip to Puerto Rico where things don’t go as planned, while Vanessa stays close to the Garcias and helps Mateo land his next gig as a DJ. At home, Mari invites Natalie’s crush to their house where Natalie is put in a position to act on her feelings.” The Baker & The Beauty airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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