Andy Cohen Looks Like A Greek God In His Birthday Suit With Buff Pecs In Throwback Pic

Andy Cohen just won Throwback Thursday. The Bravo host showed that he was a total hottie in his mid-20's, posing in the buff with long curly locks as he sat in front of the New York Public Library.

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Image Credit: SplashNews

RAWR! Andy Cohen was quite the daring wild man back in the day. The Watch What Happens Live host shared an incredible clothes-free throwback pic to his Instagram page on May 14. It was taken when the Real Housewives executive producer was in his mid-20’s, and he wasn’t afraid to strip down naked on New York’s Fifth Avenue. He’s seen sitting in the nude between the legs of one of the iconic lion statues outside the New York Public Library. Fortunately the way he’s seated covers his privates, as not to violate Instagram’s no nudity policy. You can see this amazing Throwback Thursday pic by clicking here.

Andy is totally ripped in the pic. He’s still in great shape being a gym fanatic, and obviously he was back then as well. His pecs are so defined, as well as his bulging arm muscles and tight torso. His strong legs are seen hanging down from the statue at his knees. Andy’s hair is absolutely spectacular in this photo, as curly dark ringlets cascade down past his shoulders. At 51, he still has great hair today, but back then it was something that looked hard to resist wanting to run your fingers through. He can be seen looking down pensively with his eyes closed, appearing deep in thought.

With how hot and hunky Andy is in the pic, no wonder he wanted to share it with all of his Instagram followers. He explained how the photo came to be by writing in the caption, “Taking it back to 1994 when @spencertunick got me to pose naked in front of the NY Public Library at 6 am on a Saturday! #TBT #Headscratcher #NinetiesHair.” His celebrity pals and fans went wild for Andy’spic. 

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna wrote, “I can’t even compete with this,” while Top Chef host and lead judge Padma Lakshmi declared the photo, “ICONIQUE!” Actor Matt Bomer exclaimed “Omg” in the comments along with applause emojis, while Bravo TV’s official Instagram page declared Andy “Our lion king.”

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