‘The Goldbergs’ Preview: Beverly Catches Adam & Brea Kissing In The Basement

Nosy mom alert! Beverly walks down to the basement and discovers that Adam and Brea have been locking lips in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the May 6 episode of 'The Goldbergs.'

Beverly is just walking down to the basement with a load of laundry in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of The Goldbergs when she finds Adam and Brea together in the dark. Beverly screams and asks Adam and Brea what’s going on. Adam asks Brea to take this question, but she quickly refuses to get involved. Beverly looks at the clues on display in front of her — Binaca Breath Drops, a vanilla-scented candle, and Sade’s Promise. She realizes what’s going on. “You two were kissing!” she yells.

Brea says she’s just going to leave now before this gets any more awkward. “No! We are not going to be shamed by you,” Adam tells his mom. “Basement kissing is a teen rite of passage. I demand you leave!” Beverly claps back that she’s not going anywhere.

Pops comes downstairs and lets everyone know that someone brought over a rice pudding with raisins in it. Beverly tells Pops this is not a good time for rice pudding. She just caught Adam and Brea “couch-kissing,” for crying out loud. Murray makes his way to the basement to ask Beverly about the bagel chips. Brea introduces herself as Adam’s girlfriend to Murray, and Murray’s response is that no one is named Brea. “She is and you should be wearing pants!” Adam tells his dad!

The synopsis for the May 6 episode reads: “Adam and Brea’s relationship is going well until Beverly’s over-involvement causes them to fake a breakup. Meanwhile, Lainey is back in Jenkintown which throws Barry for a loop regarding his blossoming relationship with Ren.” The Goldbergs season 7 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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