At Home With Cheryl Burke: ‘DWTS’ Star Reveals Her Exact Day-By-Day Workout Routines & More

'DWTS' pro Cheryl Burke is keeping her body in tip top shape while at home during quarantine and she's EXCLUSIVELY spilling all her secrets!

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Cheryl Burke, 38, is safely at home quarantining with her new hubby Matthew Lawrence, 40, and the professional dancer is making sure to keep her body in the finest of shape so she’s ready to return to work if the call comes in. Dancing with the Stars has been on hiatus since November 2019 and while fans are keeping their fingers crossed that Cheryl and company will be back this fall, everything remains to be seen as the world waits to flatten the Coronavirus curve. But being home has helped Cheryl focus on other things she loves, like her live All That Glitters diamond painting series on Instagram where you can see some of her famous friends like Leah Remini, 49, to help pass the time. Though not having a dance studio can be challenging, Cheryl has found ways using technology and what she has to keep her muscles long, lean and toned! From her LA home on May 1, she gave HollywoodLife an EXCLUSIVE update on how she’s holding up and her tips on how to stay fit without equipment!

What are you doing to workout or stay fit at home? I love doing workouts on my mirror and also on my Fitbit app. [I’m] loving my Fitbit because it makes me want to reach my specific goals and it pushes you to do so along the way, all the while tracking my sleep, water intake, and number of steps per day, etc. Each workout is almost 60 minutes long.

Monday: I will do treadmill and yoga, yoga using the mirror.

Tuesday: Barre class using the mirror for 35 minutes and yoga.

Wednesday: Boxing using the mirror and yoga/stretch body strengthening [and] that includes: Squats, burpees, planks, push ups and yoga, interval training using [a] Fitbit coach on the treadmill for 35 min.

Thursday: Day off, but I still like to walk in nature and will do so with my husband.

Friday: Treadmill — walking fast for 3 min. then sprinting for 2 min. and repeat, followed by body strengthening which includes: squats, burpees, planks, push ups and yoga.

Saturday: Barre and yoga.

Sunday: Yoga.

How do you keep up with dancing at home? “I always continue to find inspiration and love watching competitions and I’m currently working on a curriculum for a dance program that I’m creating which consists of me trying out new and innovative moves.”

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You also have super toned abs. What’s your workout for those and how often? “When I workout I always focus on activating my core so I’m engaging at all times no matter if I’m doing yoga or if I’m on the treadmill.”

What are your at home quarantine essentials/ what did you stock up on?I’m totally addicted to Hippeas snacks. Also water, green tea and dark chocolate Açaí and blueberries . Whenever we can manage to get paper towels, pasta and marinara sauce, it’s a good day! Also, lots of greens for Matt’s reptiles who are Vegan as well so they have to share their greens with me!”

What’s on your Quarantine playlist?I love finding new playlists on Spotify. My current go to workout playlist is this!”

Tell us what diamond painting is? “If you don’t know what diamond painting is, it is the name of a mosaic art form where you create a painting by sticking small resins that sparkle like diamonds on a canvas that has corresponding numbers printed by all the colors of the diamonds.”

How did you get into it?Last year I was on set with Matt in New York and was bored so I googled hobbies for adults since clearly, I can no longer say ballroom dancing since technically, it’s my job now! Diamond painting was one of the first options I saw. It reminded me of when I used to rhinestone my dance costumes back when I competed before DWTS and from there it was love at first sight!”

What can we expect to see with All That Glitters? “On All That Glitters I’ll be reuniting with a bunch of people you’ve seen me with on your television screen. First episode, my guest hosts were Christi and Chloe [Lukasiak] from Dance Moms and my second episode was my good friend and fellow DWTS OG pro dancer, Kym Herjavec. There will also be new faces who are diamond painting professionals that I have only met through my DM’s and who are now my diamond painting mentors! [I’m] thinking of having our amazing and talented wedding planner, the one and only, Mindy Weiss! She has expressed to me multiple times how much she has been wanting to diamond paint with me but as you can imagine, her schedule is insane, but now that we are quarantined, I’m sure her schedule has cleared up quite a bit!  I’m also thinking of making my husband pony up and be one of my guest co-hosts as well, but still need to ask him.  On All That Glitters, we will be diamond painting together while catching up on life and answering any questions our fans may have for us! It’s been a lot of fun so far so make sure to join us every Friday at 5pm PST on my Instagram Live! If you happen to miss an episode or two or if you just want to know how to diamond paint, go check out my new YouTube channel where I talk all things diamond painting as well as a step by step tutorial on how to do it.”

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