‘Little People, Big World’ Preview: Jackson Gets Stage Fright During Pumpkin Season Kickoff

It's officially pumpkin season on 'Little People, Big World' and the Roloffs are ready. Matt has planned for Jackson to take part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony, but the 2-year-old is not having it.

The airplane playground that Matt Roloff built for Jackson Roloff and other kids is officially opening in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the May 5 episode of Little People, Big World. Matt wants Jackson to pull the red ribbon in front of the crowd at Roloff Farms, which is kicking off pumpkin season. However, both Zach and Tori Roloff don’t think this going to be an easy thing to accomplish. After all, Jackson is just 2 years old. “I think he’s going to get stage fright,” Tori says and Zach agrees with her. “He doesn’t like the crowds,” Zach adds.

Zach walks Jackson over to the airplane playground for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which is surrounded by a huge crowd. Zach tells his dad that Jackson doesn’t have 20 minutes for a speech, so Matt has to make it quick. As soon as the crowd starts cheering, Jackson gets scared. Matt and Jackson try to get him to pull the ribbon, but Jackson is not having it. The stage fright is real for Jackson. He calls for his mom and starts to cry.

After Tori comforts him for a minute, she hands him back to Zach. They go inside the airplane playground. Despite Zach and Matt’s urging, Jackson still won’t pull the ribbon, so Matt and Zach end up doing it. And with that, the airplane playground is open!

“Grandpa blew it,” Matt admits about the Jackson situation. “He looked at me and then looked at who I was talking to and saw, you know, 400-500 eyeballs and that was the end of that.” Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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