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‘Little People, Big World’ Preview: Matthew Admits He’s ‘Sad’ About Tearing Down The Treehouse

It's the end of an era for the Roloffs. Matthew decides to tear down the family treehouse in this EXCLUSIVE 'Little People, Big World' preview because it's 'dangerous.'

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“It’s a sad day for me,” Matthew Roloff admits in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the April 14 episode of Little People, Big World. “The day is finally here. It’s finally time to tear down that treehouse.” The family treehouse has been near and dear to the Roloff family for years. Tearing it down is not going to be easy.

“Emotionally, this is exciting for me.” Zachary Roloff says and Jeremy Roloff agrees. “This is, like, new. It’s fresh,” he continues. Jeremy says there’s a “sense of reminiscing that’s always sad.” Matthew tells his boys, “There will never be another treehouse like this, that’s for sure.” He’s right about that. Matthew notes that “there’s a little bit of sadness because it brings back memories. But, you know, it’s dangerous so it’s gotta happen and it’s gotta happen now.”

Matthew reveals that he was always afraid someone was going to fall and break their arm while climbing the treehouse. Thankfully, no one ever did. At this point, the treehouse has a lot of wear and tear that’s not safe for any little ones to climb.

The family comes together to watch the treehouse come down, even little Jackson! Matthew promises to make a new treehouse just for him. Matthew gets in the bulldozer and begins the process of tearing the treehouse down. “I am acutely aware of the dangers when you’re dealing with brush or trees or wood that you’re snapping around of the forces involved,” Matthew says. “Those forces can send things in directions that you’re not expecting.” In the final seconds of the preview, Matthew seems to encounter a bit of trouble when taking down the treehouse! Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.