Wendy Williams Scolds Ray J For Being A ‘Bad Husband’ To  Princess Love: ‘You’ll Never Be Faithful’

Wendy Williams unleashed on her friend Ray J amid his efforts to 'step it up' in his marriage with Princess Love. The host told the rapper that he's made his wife 'suffer' and he's 'proved' that he can't be faithful.

Wendy Williams, Ray J & Princess Love
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Those who tuned into the @ Home version of The Wendy Williams Show on Thursday morning felt the heat coming from their TV screens. The talk show host, 55, laid into the rapper, Ray J over the way he treats the mother of his two babies, wife Princess Love. Back in March, the model alleged that she was told Ray J was with another woman while she was eight months pregnant with their son, Epik Ray Norwood (now 5-months-old). They’ve been trying to work on things, among other outstanding issues in their marriage, ever since.

“How is the long-suffering Princess Love,” Wendy asked the Ray, who called in from a hotel where he’s quarantining amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The rapper said he got stuck in the studio and Princess is making him quarantine before he can return home to her and their two kids, daughter Melody Love, 1, and son Epik Ray (born on December 30). Wendy — who filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter Sr. in April 2019 — added, “You haven’t the best husband, Ray J.”

The rapper went on to explain that while he plans to “do better” in his marriage, the focus is on the couple’s two kids. “She’s doing well. She’s the best mother, he said about Princess Love. “Listen, God is good, we’ll all get better. I can do better, I can definitely do better, and I will do better. I’m working towards making sure the kids know that we love each other and we love them more than anything,” Ray explained.

But, Wendy wasn’t convinced.

“Yeah, you can convince the kids, but us as adults, who watch you — you’ve discussed your problems on TV,” she said about Ray J and Princess Love’s new Zeus Network show, The Conversation, a series about the couple discussing the issues in their marriage. Take a look:
Wendy continued, “I don’t even like that I love you [Ray J] What is your problem?”
Ray explained, “We did the conversation on the Zeus network because we are already on TV and we felt like as being our own therapists could work. So, we tried it and gave it a shot since we’re already on blast… Did it help? I don’t know,” he admitted.
Wendy cut him off and said, “No! It didn’t help because it shows that she’s a good mom and she’s tried to be there for you.” The host praised Princess Love and admitted, “She’s put up with more than she needs to and it shows that you’re the type of man who will never be faithful. She’s a good mom. And, you’ve proved you can’t be faithful.”
Ray explained, “She’s working hard and sometimes we go through the ups and downs. I had a problem with us being on the same page and understanding how to learn each other and compromise. That’s what it was and what it is,” he said, vowing to stay by Princess Love’s side.
“It’s her way or no way and I’m gonna ride with her. But we’ve got a lot of growing to do.”
Ray J recently opened up to HollywoodLife about his plan to “step it up” in his marriage. “Now that my wife had the baby and it’s done and that process is over, we’ve got to focus on parenting. But then, we’ve got to start turning it back to us again,” he said during an exclusive interview at the end of January. “And I’ve got to make sure she’s loved and she’s treated in that way. So I mean, I definitely got to step it up.”

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