Trista Sutter Advises Clare Crawley To Be ‘Cautious’ During Her ‘Bachelorette’ Season

Trista Sutter gave some advice to Clare Crawley & future Bachelor Nation members, which she revealed on the HollywoodLife podcast!

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Trista Sutter
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Trista Sutter is a true Bachelor Nation success story, and every future contestant AND lead should follow her lead, so they can have their chance at life-long happiness as she does with her husband, Ryan Sutter. The first Bachelorette from the franchise spoke to in partnership with Kellogg’s, and opened up about her ‘cautious’ approach to her season and why she advises Clare Crawley and other Bachelor Nation stars to be the same. “I think nowadays the contestants and the leads just aren’t as cautious. They’re younger and I just don’t think they have all the information that’s necessary in order to really be successful through this shift in life,” Trista said on the HollywoodLife Podcast.

However, she thinks Clare is going to be the perfect lead to shift things back to the way they were when she was on the show! “Clare has a great head on her shoulders and she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable,” she added. “I think she’s ready. I think she’s beautiful, intelligent, creative — all the things that you have to be to be able to be a lead on this show.” Trista’s hesitation on her season was rooted in her experience on The Bachelor, with Alex Michel.

“On The Bachelor, I was told that I was going to be chosen by Alex, and then I wasn’t chosen two days later. I went into the final rose ceremony completely thinking I was going to get engaged, and then I was blindsided because he didn’t choose me,” she explained on the HL podcast. “I went into The Bachelorette really cautious. I did not want to say anything like Alex had said to me that would lead the guys on to think something, when knowing full well it was a very short period of time, and I could easily change my mind if I found out something that was a dealbreaker.”

Trista admitted that she felt bad leaving Ryan in the dark during her season, but in the end, it was a good thing for her final contestants. “It didn’t give either of them any false sense of security, and we just needed to get to the end to figure out if we were really feeling each other,” she explained. “I needed to get to the end to know that Ryan was the one I was thinking about when I was with the other guys, because that’s what made the decision for me.”

Trista spoke to HL in partnership with Kellogg’s, who Trista collaborated with to combat boredom in the household during quarantine! Using Kellogg’s products like Fruit Loops, Eggos and Cheez-Its, the mother of two demonstrated fun at-home arts and crafts that can be done to stay busy and for a yummy treat! Listen to the full podcast interview here!