Gigi Hadid & Zayn: How Isolation Is Affecting Their Romance & Her Birthday Plans

Quarantining has been a 'big change' for Gigi Hadid, who has suddenly been given a lot of one-on-one time to spend with Zayn Malik. Sources reveal how this has changed their relationship!

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Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik
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Not only are Gigi Hadid, 25, and Zayn Malik, 27, officially back together, they’re quarantining together as well! “Gigi is self-isolating at her family’s farm [in Pennsylvania] and Zayn is with her,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. It’s the perfect arrangement, since Zayn owns his own rural farm in Pennsylvania, nearby the one that Gigi’s mom Yolanda Hadid owns! Although Gigi and Zayn have been dating off and on again since 2016, it’s not normal for Gigi to spend this amount of free time with Zayn, we’re hearing. So, the couple is taking advantage of their isolation away from the real world!

“[Gigi] usually doesn’t have more than a few days off at a time because of her crazy work schedule so this is a big change. It’s not an easy time for anyone but she is making the best of it and taking this time to appreciate the little things in life,” our source continues. Instead of driving each other crazy (as many couples joke about on social media), the experience is actually bringing them closer. “It’s been good for her relationship with Zayn because a lot of the things that stress them out, namely her having to be gone so much for work, have been taken away,” our source reveals. “They are able to just be together without all the outside pressures and that’s a great thing.”

This means Gigi will also be celebrating her 25th birthday right by Zayn’s side, since it falls on April 23! “Gigi doesn’t mind celebrating her birthday at home on the farm at all either, she has no complaints,” our source tells us. “She’s really not much of a party girl anyway, so a homebody birthday suits her just fine. When this is all over she’ll do something with her friends to celebrate turning 25, but for now, she’s perfectly happy to celebrate at home with her family and Zayn.”

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Even though 25 is a big milestone — a quarter century of a life! — a second source insists that Gigi really is happy not throwing a rager (or luxurious bash) for her birthday. “Gigi is not one of those high maintenance girls and she’s totally content spending her birthday at home on the farm with her family and Zayn,” the second insider EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “She finds it very peaceful and has actually enjoyed getting some time away from her busy schedule for once in a long time. Gigi is so used to a fast paced life that it’s actually been a breath of fresh air being forced into this situation.”

Even though Gigi is looking forward to spending her 25th birthday at home, the model hasn’t forgotten the tragic reason why she and Zayn are being forced to celebrate indoors. “She knows it’s a very serious matter and is doing her part by staying at home and finds herself lucky to have her health especially at a time like this,” the insider adds amid the coronavirus pandemic. “She’s not worried about missing out on a big party, she’s happy to have the ones she loves the most with her.”

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After all this quality time spent together, “Zayn and Gigi can’t get enough of each other,” a third source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife! “Once anyone thinks it is over they get right back in their groove because they both believe they are each others soulmates,” the source continues, referring to the couple’s past breakups. Romance rumors resurfaced when they were spotted holding hands in Jan. 2020, and Gigi confirmed the good news herself by posting a sweet photo of Zayn on the farm on Valentine’s Day — on March 23, she even shared a throwback photo of Zayn, as seen in the slideshow above!

As for what’s changed this time around, our third insider reveals, “Zayn has had his struggles and she has been there for him constantly and that is something that has built their bond. And now that they are in quarantine together they are realizing exactly what is important between the two of them and they are going to do everything in their power to be there for each other. It feels like it is a them against the world situation and they want to win that fight.”