Shanna Moakler Shares Ex Husband Travis Barker’s Reaction To 40Lbs. Weight Loss

Did Shanna Moakler get 'revenge' on her ex, Travis Barker, with her new smokin' hot body? She tells us EXCLUSIVELY what her former husband had to say about her incredible weight loss.

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Shanna Moakler is living her best life with the ultimate “revenge body.” The Miss USA 1995-runner up, supermodel, reality television star and ex-wife of Travis Barker has dropped 40-pounds, and all her former lovers have taken notice. “I have not heard from my ex, my last ex, but I have heard from my children’s dads,” Shanna, 45, said when chatting EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. She shares one child with boxer Oscar De Lay Hoya (daughter Atiana, 21) and two with Travis (son Landon, 16, and daughter Alabama, 14). Both Oscar and Travis, according to Shanna, have “said that they are really proud of me, and to ‘keep up the good work.’ That was really nice to hear.”

This boost of confidence, courtesy of her exes, has Shanna diving back into the diving pool – sorta. COVID-19 “Shelter In Place” restrictions prevent her from going out, but that hasn’t stopped her from trying to find love in this time of coronavirus. “I am dating — more FaceTime dating at the moment, but I’m open to dating,” she tells HollywoodLife. In July 2019, she and her boyfriend of five years called it quits. “I think [the weight loss has] helped me a lot in the world of dating because I can feel more confident about myself. Before, I didn’t want to meet anybody. I didn’t want to date. I didn’t like myself. Now it gave me the confidence to kind of go back out there and meet someone new.

Shanna and Travis were married in 2004. A tumultuous relationship that was captured on their MTV reality television show Meet The Barkers, Travis, and Shanna would fight, make up, fight, and make out. The couple separated in 2006, and Travis filed for divorce. They reconciled around 2007, but officially divorced in 2008. Since then, as they’ve co-parented their children, things have been relatively smooth between them (with the occasional bump in the road.) Clearly, things are good enough between Travis and Shanna for him to encourage her to stay on this path to a better life.

Shanna Moakler Exclusively for HollywoodLife

“My [emotional] needs and my wants weren’t being met, so I went to food to make myself happy,” she told HollywoodLife when explaining how she “took her life back” and dropped the weight. The July 2019 breakup with her long-term boyfriend left her feeling “alone and really unhappy,” so she tried to fill that void with reckless eating. “I was emotionally eating because that’s what I took pleasure in. I would wake up and be like, ‘What am I going to eat today? What restaurant am I going to go to? What fast food place am I going to eat at?'” She now monitors what she eats and limits herself to 1800 calories a day.

“It wasn’t like I did a fad or a quickie diet. I really made major lifestyle changes. It’s just a part of my life now. It’s how I eat, and it’s how I cook. It’s just something that I do mentally, physically, spiritually, take care of myself.”

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