What Drake’s Doing To Stay Busy While ‘Missing’ His Son Adonis, 2, During Quarantine

Drake is self-isolating away from his young son Adonis, and is focusing on his music to pass the time until the pair can be reunited safely.

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Like the rest of us, Drake is doing whatever it takes to pass the time while confined to his house amid the coronavirus outbreak. The Canadian rapper is quarantined in his Toronto mansion while his son Adonis Graham, 2, is nearby with momSophie Brussaux. A source close to the “God’s Plan” hitmaker said Drake was focusing on his music while in isolation. “Drake is bored as hell even though he is writing and recording. He wants to be out and about, he wants to be watching Raptors games and getting ready for the NBA playoffs and being out and about but since he can’t do any of that his saving grace is Adonis,” the source told HollywoodLife exclusively.

“He loves checking in on him and always being a moment away from fun things he is doing, he is locked into his son’s day and making sure that all is well and he can’t wait to start taking him out and about. He is jonesing for that right now the most,” the insider added. Although they aren’t far away from each other, Drake is opting to stay away from his young son for the time being, as he hung out with pal Kevin Durant, who tested positive for coronavirus, in March. Another source told HL that Drake would “never forgive” himself if he put little Adonis at risk.

“He is making sure she [Sophie] and Adonis are well cared for and safe but he’s also being extremely cautious and has not seen them yet,” they said. “He’s keeping busy in his home studio right now putting the finishing touches on his next album. Drake misses his family but he would rather be safe and wait longer until he sees them. In the meantime he’s doing the best he can to make the best of a bad situation and putting all his energy into finishing his album.”
All of the alone time has allowed Drake to do some self-reflecting, which is part of the reason that he posted pictures of Adonis on his Instagram page for the very first time on March 30. Sophie got pregnant with Adonis after a fling with Drake at the beginning of 2017. The little guy was born in October of that year, but the news was not made public until May. Unfortunately, Drake didn’t get to share the exciting announcement on his own — his nemesis, Pusha T, exposed the baby news in a diss track in May 2018. Drake then confirmed it was true on his own album, released just weeks later.

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