Box + Flow Founder Reveals How Combining Boxing & Yoga Can Help You ‘Fight Through Transition’

Box + Flow combines high-intensity boxing with a meditative yoga flow. Founder Olivia Young reveals to HL how this workout can help you through your quarantine.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Box + Flow

We’re sitting in a time of the ultimate unknown and that can be incredibly anxiety producing. One way that has been recommended to combat that anxiety is to workout and get your endorphins pumping, whether it’s a HIIT cardio workout or a yoga practice. Box + Flow founder Olivia ‘Liv’ Young recommends combining both as a way to not only get a great sweat, but also adjust your mindset in this transitional time. “How long can we be stuck in the idea that we’re stuck in our houses? The moment you decide that you’re going to stop fighting is the moment you stop fighting and it’s not a permanent experience,” she said in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. “How easy is it to transition from one thing to the next? That’s what I’m teaching. It’s not boxing and yoga, it’s how to flow through the fight, how to fight through the transition.”

“The mentality behind Box and Flow is the mantra of flow through the fight. And it’s the idea of finding ease through resistance,” Olivia continued. The boxing piece of the workout is 35 minutes of nonstop, rhythm-based boxing until you “whip your gloves off and find your heartbeat and your yoga mat for 15 minutes.” “It takes you all the way up to all of your resistance so you can feel your strength and fill your power, and ideally, let it go,” she said. “Taking on the challenge of silence at the end in your Shavasana is the greatest challenge of all and I think that’s what we’re dealing with right now.”

Olivia also advised to not take breaks during the 45-minute sweat-inducing workout. “There are no breaks because there are no breaks in life,” she asserted. “Everybody’s looking for a break right now, but the purpose is if you can get through this, you can do anything. It’s just a matter of choosing to flow through the fight. And every day your fight is different.”

Be sure to watch Olivia’s Box + Flow workout on from her IG Live workout!

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