Rose McGowan Wants To Return To ‘Scream’ & She Has A ‘Really Smart’ Idea For New Sequel

'Scream' star Rose McGowan went live on Instagram, and revealed her idea for a sequel to the iconic 90s horror flick.

Rose McGowan
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Actress Rose McGowan, who found fame after her breakout role in Wes Craven’s 1996 horror flick Scream, has revealed she would be open to returning to the franchise. The 46-year-old, whose character suffers a gruesome death when she’s crushed by a garage door, spoke to our sister site IndieWire over Instagram Live while in quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak. “Kevin Williamson wrote a pretty bulletproof script, and then Wes directed it beautifully, and part of directing… casting is such a huge component of it,” she said on the April 4 IG live session. “A lot of people since then don’t realize how important it is to have vibe with each other.” The film featured an A-list roster of actors including Courteney Cox, Matthew Lillard, Skeet Ulrich, and Drew Barrymore.

Rose went on to discuss her character Tatum Riley, and the original film’s legacy, which spawned four sequels and a TV series. A Scream reboot was also announced with Ready or Not directors Matthew Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett at the helm, and when asked for her take on a possible return to the series, she said, “That’s an interesting idea. I don’t want to act anymore. It’s not my thing. But I always thought Tatum should’ve had a twin that came back and was like ‘hell to the no,’ and had dark hair, and revenged her.”

The Charmed star added, “In a perfect world, I thought that would’ve actually been a really smart element. She could still do that. She could still have a twin that was maybe institutionalized and got out and is like, ‘It’s on.’ She could’ve been the family shame because the family was kind of perfect.” Although Rose isn’t acting right now, and is instead focusing her time on social causes, she revealed she would break her hiatus if invited back, “[Yes] I would play the sister who was institutionalized and who came out and wreaked havoc.” Our fingers are crossed!

She also told IndieWire, “It’s the kind of movie where people hand it down to their little brother or sister, and I think it’s a classic. I always think, when I listen to music, or [watch] movies, ‘Be careful kids, these are gonna be your classics.’ It’s a good one in the canon of film history, and it really did revive the horror show at that point, because it wasn’t a big thing at that point.” Here’s hoping the filmmakers invite Rose back to the franchise!

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