Kyle Richards Reveals What Happened During Her Latest Awkward Run-In With Lisa Vanderpump

During an interview on 'WWHL,' Kyle Richards detailed her recent run-in with former BFF, Lisa Vanderpump, at a restaurant where they were seated DIRECTLY next to each other!

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Kyle Richards appeared (via FaceTime, of course) on the April 2 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and one fan asked what we’ve all been dying to know: Has she spoken to Lisa Vanderpump recently!? Kyle explained that she’d seen Lisa three times since they stopped speaking in 2018, and they were ALL random run-ins. Fans already knew all about the ladies’ encounter at Neiman Marcus in 2019, but it turns out they saw each other at the store AGAIN after that, and then once more at a restaurant.

“The second time I saw her [at Neiman Marcus], she didn’t see me, and I sort of hid, to be honest,” Kyle admitted. “This last time, I saw her at a restaurant. I was passing her table and they seated us right next to each other. I said to the hostess, ‘Really!? Really!?’ I said hello, but to be honest, she was short.” However, Kyle said that Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd, did come over to her table and she gave him a hug. She revealed that Ken was quite shocked by the gesture, since he kicked Kyle out of his and Lisa’s home the last time he saw her.

“He said, ‘Why are you giving me a hug, I kicked you out of our home!’,” Kyle explained. “And I said, ‘I can still give you a hug, Ken.’ Because I do care about them. That was the last time I saw them and I haven’t seen or heard from them since.”

Kyle and Lisa’s years-long friendship fell apart amidst the infamous Puppygate scandal on season nine of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which was filmed in 2018 and aired in 2019. Lisa was upset that Kyle did not believe her side of the story, and it led them to get into a screaming fight at Lisa’s house, which is when Ken kicked Kyle out. Unfortunately, their friendship could not recover.

HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY spoken to both Kyle and Lisa about the possibility of repairing their friendship in the past. While Kyle has admitted to being ‘open’ to seeing where things go in the future, though, Lisa is ready to move on for good. “I think she [already] had that chance,” Lisa told us in June 2019. Lisa also made the decision to leave RHOBH after her drama with Kyle and the other housemates. The show’s first season without her will premiere on April 15.