‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: CeeLo & Shani Question Their Commitment To Each Other

Is this the real deal? That's what CeeLo and fiancee Shani asked each other during the April 2 episode of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition', just before taking part in lie detector tests.

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The stars of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition faced the highly-dreaded lie detector tests during the April 2 episode, and many — including CeeLo Green and fiancee Shani — panicked upon thinking about what to ask each other. For them, it actually came down to their commitment to each other. CeeLo’s initial question, which, if we’re being completely honest, we couldn’t understand, was “overruled” by Judge Lynn Toler and CeeLo was shook by that decision. “Oh s***. I wasn’t expecting the judge to come in and change my question for me,” he said during his confessional.

“CeeLo, your questions to Shani have been about commitment, so I would ask, ‘Shani, are you committed to CeeLo out of convenience?’ He wants to know if you just really want to be with him,” Judge Lynn Toler told the couple, as they stood in front of their peers and listened.

Then, when Shani presented her question — whether or not CeeLo truly wants to marry her — she explained, “That’s all that matters to me — is me knowing that he wants to be my life partner. That’s all the confirmation that I need to be able to keep moving forward.” And Judge Lynn Toler “loved that question”, so they stuck with it. “The question for CeeLo will be, ‘Do you want to marry Shani?'” Judge Lynn Toler told the couple.

Sadly, even though everyone took the lie detector tests, they won’t get their results until next week. So Judge Lynn Toler and Dr. Ish requested that everyone take a night out on the town, during which they basically saw what it’d be like to be single again. As far as we could tell, no one betrayed their partner, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t any drama this week.

Earlier in the episode, Joseline Hernandez accused her boyfriend, Ballistic, of thinking she was having an affair with Michel’le‘s boyfriend Stew. She said he asked her point blank if anything was going on with Stew, when they were showering together that morning, but when she confronted him in front of everyone, he denied even thinking such a thing. And later, when they were in their room together, she started screaming at him. Things got so heated that producers had to intervene and make sure they were okay. Then, they separated for the girls’ and guys’ nights out on the town.

Want more? The season finale of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition airs next Thursday, April 9, on WE tv.