‘RHONJ’s Jennifer Aydin Says Teresa & Joe Giudice Are Still ‘Best Friends’ Despite Split

All appears to be well in the world of Joe & Teresa Giudice according to their 'RHONJ' costar Jennifer Aydin who said that they remain 'best friends' months after their split.

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Real Housewives of New Jersey fans have wondered about the status of Joe & Teresa Giudice‘s relationship ever since the couple broke up late last year. They’ve also had to face some pretty unique extremities with him living in Italy while she remains in The Garden State with their four daughters. Things appear to be doing well for them regardless, at least according to their castmate Jennifer Aydin, 42, who spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about how they are today. “She’s not going to worry about Joe and mostly Joe’s worrying about Joe. Joe seems to be in good spirits and they really have a great relationship. I mean when they talk, they talk like best friends. Like nothing’s ever changed. It’s really nice.”

Jennifer was also asked about the kind of guy she thinks the cookbook author should date. “I would like to see her happy,” she responded. “I think she’s going to just take her time just to be respectful for her daughters, you know, cause it’s going to take a minute for them to realize that their parents are no longer together. That’s the furthest thing on Teresa’s mind right now is dating.”

She continued, “But of course I’d love to see her happy in the future and I think that’s definitely a possibility for her. But you know, she’s been married for such a long time, so I’m going to try to tell her to just relax a minute, let it sink in and enjoy being single and not having to answer to anybody.”

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Joe & Teresa Giudice. Credit: Shutterstock

Teresa right now appears to be enjoying the life of being a mom amid millions being in self-isolation over the growing Coronavirus pandemic. Her daughter Milania, 15, pranked her in an epic Instagram video that took place in their kitchen on Friday, March 27.

What sounds does a pig make,” Milania asked, to which her mom responded, “oink.” The prankster then asked what sounds a horse, dog, and cat make, prompting Teresa to respond with “neigh”, “woof”, and “meow”. Milania then asked, “what sound does a whale make?” while taking a sip from her cup of water. A puzzled Teresa asks, “a whale?” but is quickly cut off at her daughter spits out her water right into her moms face! 

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