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‘HTGAWM’s Jack Falahee Teases ‘Dicey’ Last Episodes & Reveals His Reaction To Asher’s Killer

'How To Get Away With Murder' has two murders to solve in the final episodes. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Jack Falahee about the final episodes, Connor's arrest, and his surprising reaction to Asher's killer.

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Jack Falahee
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The How To Get Away With Murder midseason finale had two major reveals: Wes is alive and Asher is dead. In the final moments of the episode, Connor and Michaela were arrested for Asher’s murder. Getting out of this situation isn’t going to be so simple for Connor and Michaela. All the secret-keeping over the years may have finally caught up with them. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Jack Falahee about what comes next. “We’re picking up sort of immediately, but there’s a lot of How To Get Away With Murder flash forwards and backwards, so it’s a little disorienting,” Jack told HollywoodLife at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. “There’s a couple of conflicting timelines going on, but Connor picks up pretty much immediately after his arrest.”

As expected, Connor isn’t going to be handling this shocking turn of events very well. “He’s not great,” Jack continued. “You never want to be in FBI custody for multiple homicides or even one homicide, really. But things for him and Michaela unravel pretty quickly. We see their parents show up and may or may not learn about their crimes or alleged crimes. Connor would say alleged. They may or may not be offered a plea deal which implicates certain people. It’s very dicey, which I think is the best part about this show and it being the last season. The writers are able to just go full throttle and they don’t have to hold any punches. I really empathize with them and all TV writers on networks. You don’t know if you’re guaranteed the next season so you always have to write some sort of a conclusion every season and now they don’t have to do that. There’s nothing hanging off in the distance. They can just go for it, which is good.”

The first half of the final season had us all wondering: who killed Annalise? Well, now we have to ask the same question about Asher. When HollywoodLife spoke with Jack, he had just found out who killed Asher. “I thought it was a wild choice,” Jack teased. “No one’s safe. Let’s just say that.”

The midseason finale also dropped the bombshell that Wes is alive after all these years. He somehow escaped the house fire. Jack couldn’t say much about Wes’ storyline but noted, “You’ll get some answers.”

The show is coming to an end after 6 amazing and jaw-dropping seasons. Being a part of the HTGAWM family has meant the world to Jack. “It’s been a dream,” Jack said. “I’m very grateful for ABC giving me the opportunity, but also for just the support of the fans. They’re the diehards that just tune in every week and are on Twitter and Reddit with all their crazy theories. That’s the stuff I kill time with on set. I browse the How To Get Away With Murder subreddit daily.” Same, Jack, same. How To Get Away With Murder returns for its final 6 episodes starting April 2 at 10 p.m. on ABC.