Teresa Giudice, Quavo, & More Celebs Compete In The ’See 10, Do 10’ Push-Up Challenge

With everyone stuck at home under coronavirus quarantine, some of your favorite stars – like Jennifer Hudson and Quavo -- are staying in shape by doing the ‘See 10, Do 10’ push-up challenge.

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If there’s one way to keep your mind from going stir-crazy during a coronavirus quarantine, it’s through exercise! Thankfully, a new challenge is going viral in a good way. Friends, family, and famous faces are all doing the “See 10, Do 10” push-up challenge, in which people are challenged to “drop and give ‘em 10.” Make-up artist Priscilla DiStasio challenged The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice to do 10 push-ups on Mar. 22, and Teresa muscled through them on her Instagram Story. “I’m sore!” she groaned after counting out her ten.

Quavo quickly “knocked a lil ten out” after he was nominated. His form was better than the RHONJ star. He tagged a bunch of his friends and shared their push-ups to his Instagram Story. Jennifer Hudson wasn’t having any of this. “I’m gonna have to call on Jesus for this,” she said at the start of her video response. “I can do one. … It’s going to have to count as the ten. “Cause God said that if you take one step, he’s going to take two. Now, don’t you come up in this mess no more.” Jennifer’s attempt was hilarious, especially since her socks had her sleep on her marble-tile floor. “I can’t do no push-ups. See, my feet slipping? It’s not for me. It’s not my ministry,” she said. Thankfully, she had a surrogate (aka Walter Williams) do her push-ups on her behalf.

“@tashacobbsleonard @antoinelsmith32 yal and those push-up challenge! This is not my thing but I love yal and just know u will always see me try! Oh but thank God for my friend @wallybean1 god always got somebody and others just won’t do,” she wrote. Carlos PenaVega probably wishes he had someone as his surrogate, after the stunt his wife, Alexa PenaVega, pulled.

As Carlos was attempting to do his push-ups with Alexa on her back, she complained about how her hands were cold. As she seemingly fell off his back, she turned her butt to his head, and – yep, she let out a fart. “Got em!!!” she captioned the clip. “(So Much class in one video.)”

The “See 10, Do 10” challenge is as simple as it sounds: do 10 push-ups, tag some friends, and if you get tagged, you keep the chain going. For those who’d rather do something else, Jillian Paige Shafter, a virtual trainer of FYT, the nation’s largest personal trainer service, shared a 3-step full leg workout that can be done in anyone’s home or backyard. If that’s not enough,  HollywoodLife has been hosting a series of virtual workouts featuring celebrity trainers on Instagram Live.