Selena Gomez Demonstrates Correct Way To Wash Hands In Safe Hands Challenge — Watch

Selena Gomez joined a long list of A-listers jumping into the social media challenge, and shared some of her go-to tips to get your hands nice, clean and COVID-19 free!

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Selena Gomez, 27, is showing us how to get our hands clean! “Alright, here’s my #SafeHands Challenge thanks @ariannahuff!” she captioned a new two-part video shared to Instagram on Saturday, Mar. 21 filmed at her home, hilariously joking that she had to “redo this video so many times.” We have to say, out of all the hand washing videos we’ve seen — Selena had some great tips, particularly for ladies that like to keep their nails long!

“So, here’s what we’re going to do: we’re going to take a little water — then turn it off so we aren’t wasting it — then get some soap,” she began narrating from her kitchen, rocking a red lipstick, matching red nail and pink crew neck sweatshirt. “Everybody is saying that it’s 40 seconds long, which is technically as long as the ‘ABCs’ twice — who would have thought, because I clearly wasn’t washing my hands the right way,” she quipped, moving into some tips for gals that might be rocking long or acrylic nails. “I know about the girls and the long nails…so, some of the tips that I’ve been given is that you want to do a little bit of this to get under your fingers,” she continued, gently scraping her nails on the palm of her soapy hand. Genius!

The “Lose You To Love Me” singer then continued, offering a demo of how to make sure the soap gets all those crevices between your fingers. “You’re going to want to go in between your fingers, like so, then keep going and do the same motions a few times,” she explained, wrapping her left hand over her right thumb to get it nice and sudsy. “You can make fun. Got my nana here, got my dog. Then, take a nice good wash. Grab a napkin, turn off the sink and use the same one to wipe every part of your hand. That is my challenge, I hope I did it well,” she concluded, before moving onto challenging a few other famous friends!

“So, I want to challenge three amazing more powerful women…I want to do Gigi Hadid, Olivia Wilde and my girl Cardi,” she said, writing in her caption that she “hopes everyone is staying safe inside!”

Olivia Wilde, 36, almost immediately responded to the challenge and posted a video of her own. “Thank you @selenagomez for allowing me to show off my fake doctor hygiene training!” she joked. “Let’s do this!” she began in the video, rocking an epic vintage Dolly Parton t-shirt. Taking three pumps of soap, we couldn’t help but laugh along as she talked about playing a doctor on TV, and having real surgeons teach the actors how to actually wash their hands. “They always talked about how people forget to wash their thumbs,” she noted, before moving onto nominate Margaret Qualley, Florench Pugh and Dakota Johnson to “show off” their moves.

The #SafeHands challenge has been waking waves online with numerous celebrities participating, including Nicole Scherzinger, who came out in full glam and sang along to the Pussycat Dolls’ latest song “React.” Billy Porter — head-to-toe in Coach — and celeb chef Gordon Ramsay also posted versions of their own!

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