‘The Resident’ Preview: Nic & Devon Confront Cain Over His Dying Patient

Nic and Devon notice that one of Cain's patients is not getting any better and Cain's response to their confrontation takes them both by surprise in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of 'The Resident.'

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The Resident
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Devon pages Nic to talk about Cain’s patient from The Montel Williams Show in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the March 17 episode of The Resident. Turns out, Cain didn’t save Dawn Long like he promised. She’s not in rehab. She’s been shipped back to Chastain a number of times for strokes, pneumonia, infections, and more. “She’s not getting any better,” Devon says to Nic.

Cain shows up and displays some emotion over Dawn Long that leaves both Devon and Nic surprised. “She’s such a good woman,” he says. “Her family? So wonderful.” Nic asks Cain whether or not Dawn’s family knows that she won’t ever wake up. Cain snaps that the brain is an enigma and anything can happen.

Cain admits he hasn’t been completely honest with himself. “It’s time to let this poor woman pass peacefully,” he continues. All he asks of Nic and Devon is that they keep Dawn alive until her kids can say their final goodbyes. “I did not expect that,” Devon says to Nic. Nic just hopes they don’t have to put Dawn through any more pain at this point.

The synopsis for the March 17 episode reads: “Conrad finds himself caught between his duties as a doctor and his loyalty to Kit when he discovers that her son-in-law may be suffering from a serious disease. While moonlighting at a long-term care facility, Devon and Nic make a shocking discovery about a former patient who fell victim to Cain’s manipulative practices. Meanwhile, after jumping into a new opportunity as a TV doctor, Bell is left without any surgeries and The Raptor brings him in to help on an important case.” The Resident season 3 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.