‘DWTS’ Maks & Val Team Up With Wives Peta & Jenna For Tour: How They Work, Live & Love Together

The Chmerkovskiy's are heading out on their 2020 'Motion Pictures' tour with wives Peta Murgatroyd and Jenna Johnson! The 4 pros played a sizzling game of 'Dealbreakers,' and revealed secrets to keeping every spark alive in their relationships!

Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy have been touring together for years, entertaining crowds from all over the globe with their sultry moves and intricate dance numbers. Now, they’re expanding on stage, welcoming two dance superstars, who just happen to be their wives, Peta Murgatroyd and Jenna Johnson. The four Dancing With The Stars pros are hitting the road this summer on a 57-show tour titled, Maks and Val Live 2020: Motion Pictures Tour, which kicks off on Thursday, June 11, in Greensboro, North Carolina. Tickets are on now! 

Right now, the family is training hard to hit the stage. They’re dancing for hours on end and being conscious of the foods they put in their bodies, which need to be strong for routines in 57 cities. — This means that Maks and Peta and Val and Jenna work together and spend their lives together as spouses and family as a whole. And, while no relationship is perfect, the two couples have certainly seemed to master sharing the same career and bedroom!

“Working together and having a professional and a very intimate relationship is difficult — and you have to manage it well,” Jenna admitted to HollywoodLife in an exclusive interview in New York City. “And, I think Val and I have found, especially, that balance is a necessity. Balance between how we prioritize our personal time together as husband and wife, how we prioritize our partnership as a dance partnership, and then also our personal space and needs and wants,” she explained. When we spoke with the couple, they were about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Jenna and Val tied the knot on April 13, 2019 in California.

“I think it is difficult, but it is so worth it when you can share your passion and your love of your craft with the person that you love most. And, I know that Val and I have been able to share that, Maks and Peta have,” Jenna continued as Peta and Maks agreed. “This is the first time that all four of us are going to be able to do this together [on tour] and I think the passion and the creativity that we’re all going to be able to do together is going to be epic.”

Meanwhile, Maks and Peta have been balancing work and marriage a bit longer than his younger brother and his wife. The couple, who wed on July 7, 2017, are already parents to 3-year-old son Shai. Now, they’re longing for a baby girl — although, no matter what gender, a healthy baby is the priority.

“Oh, we’re trying,” Peta said with a smile, to which Maks nodded ‘yes.’

“We want to have as many kids as we can, and I think he would be a great girl dad,” she said about Maks, adding, “I think he’s ready. He’s totally ready.” And, indeed he is!

“So this whole thing, this whole experience, the life has been incredible and challenging and rewarding. Certainly peaks and valleys as they say, but the process of becoming a father was one of the most beautiful things, and experiencing it with the person that you love and with no drama of that sort, that’s incredible. Why wouldn’t I want more?” Maks explained about the thought of having more children with Peta.

“And, watching him [Shai] and being around him. And, as far as wanting — I mean, we got our boy, so, now I guess it’s almost like I really want a girl now for whatever reason that is, and have that relationship as well, because that’s going to be a different,” he said.

As for what fans can expect when Maks, Val, Peta and Jenna hit the road this summer on their 2020 Motion Pictures tour?

“It isn’t just an adaptation of dance films on stage,” Val said, clarifying that “it’s films that we grew up.” Val also noted that he, Val, Peta and Jenna handpicked all of the songs.

“I think that what makes it unusual is that we are still personal. We’re still telling a unique narrative throughout, which is again, at the end of the show, you’re going to leave and it’s going to be a broader story that’s unique to us — but again, told through the medium of these other films that everyone can relate to and everyone loves,” Val explained.

Maks chimed in revealed what separates Motion Pictures from their last tour.

“We’re very excited about this tour for this specific opportunity to be creative and to put out a product that’s not usual,” he said. “That’s the same sort of like how we came about to it. We just don’t want to do another dance show. We wanted to attach a project. And so, for us it’s like what would be that iconic scene in this movie be like if it had a dance attached to it?”

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