Heidi Klum Reveals She’s Ill With Fever & Chills But Can’t Get Tested For Coronavirus

A sick Heidi Klum fears she could have the rampantly spreading COVID-19 coronavirus, but she has no way of knowing. The shortage of kits in the US means she can't be tested.

Heidi Klum
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Image Credit: REX/Shutterstock

After Heidi Klum announced that she would be stepping back from filming America’s Got Talent due to feeling under the weather, the supermodel filled her fans in on her health status. Heidi, 46, shot an Instagram story from her bed, where she spoke to her followers in a croaky voice. “It started with a chill, feeling feverish, cough, runny rose… um I’m just not feeling good. So, that’s why I’ve stayed home [from AGT] not to infect anyone. Despite having some of the symptoms of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, Heidi explained that she hasn’t been tested yet. There’s a drastic shortage of coronavirus testing kits in the United States, and it’s affecting everyone — even the rich and famous.

“I hope it’s just a cold,” the Project Runway host said in a weak voice during her Instagram video (which you can watch HERE). “I would love to do the corona[virus] test but there just isn’t one here. I’ve tried with two different doctors and I just can’t get one. Stay safe everyone. Stay home if you don’t feel good.” Heidi became ill just moments before taping America’s Got Talent auditions on March 10. Her co-judges — Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell, and Howie Mandel — apologized to the audience, saying that Heidi had a case of food poisoning. The photo above shows Heidi walking into the AGT studio right before falling ill.

America’s Got Talent has followed the lead of many other programs in NYC and Hollywood, announcing on March 12 that they will be taping episodes without an audience for the time being. They did not mention Heidi in the announcement. The CDC and WHO have recommended limiting public gatherings to prevent the spread of the highly-contagious COVID-19, encouraging people to work from home and socially isolate when possible. Over 1500 people in the United States have tested positive for coronavirus at this point; thirty people have died. There are currently over 130,000 cases worldwide.

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