Ben Affleck Is ‘Smitten’ With Ana De Armas: What He Loves Most About Her As Romance Heats Up

Ben Affleck is a smitten kitten when it comes to actress Ana de Armas. They have so much in common, which has made it easy for him to fall for her.

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas
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Ben Affleck, 47, and actress Ana de Armas, 31, got to know each other well by playing husband and wife in the upcoming thriller Deep Water. After filming ended, the two have now moved on from friendship and being colleagues to romance. “Ben has got himself in a way better place physically and emotionally now that he has faced his demons with alcohol. With the recent emotional interviews he has been giving about his past to the world, it really has woken him up more on what is important. And Ana has really helped in the entire process. She really has looked out for him through the entire time, making him accountable for his actions as a friend while they had filmed together,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“He became friends with her first, before any romance happened. But they definitely found out fast they had something for each other and he is definitely smitten with her. They both share the same sense of humor and the same work drive. Counter that with the obvious that she is beautiful and talented. They have the most amazing conversations on life and what they want from it. It is just really a nice time for Ben,” our insider continues.

“It is also very refreshing for Ben that he can really do anything with Ana, as they share so many of the same likes and interests. So it makes it all very easy to navigate through to make this new relationship together actually work out for the best. Things are moving very comfortably,” our source adds.

The pair was first spotted as a couple while shopping in Havana, Cuba on March 6. From there, the two headed on a romantic vacation to Costa Rica, where they were photographed with their arms around each other while strolling on a beach. It was their first official PDA sighting, signaling things are heating up. The couple returned to L.A. on March 13, and were spotted out in Venice, CA where she was carrying a cute white pup.

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