‘Survivor’: Michele Reveals She Dated A Fellow Contestant & Fans Know Who It Is

It's the tribe swap on next week's episode of 'Survivor,' and previews show Michele Fitzgerald revealing that her ex-boyfriend is on her new tribe. Now, fans have figured out who it is!

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Two exes will be forced to live stranded on a beach together beginning during the March 11 episode of Survivor: Winners at War! The preview at the end of the March 4 episode showed that a tribe swap is coming, with Michele Fitzgerald stating that she’s now going to be on a tribe with her ex-boyfriend. His identity was not revealed in the preview, but after some investigating, fans have figured it out!

Obviously, the man in question is not one of the guys on Michele’s original tribe, since she’s already been stuck on the beach with them this whole time, so her worry about being stuck with an ex wouldn’t make sense in reference to any of them. After Tyson Apostol was voted off during the March 4 episode, only four men remained on the tribe that Michele wasn’t originally part of: Tony Vlachos, Wendell Holland, Nick Wilson and Yul Kwon. Well, Yul and Tony are both married, and Nick has been in a longterm relationship with Grisel Vilchez, so that just leaves one person — WENDELL!

The extent of Michele and Wendell’s relationship is unclear. Michele originally won Survivor during season 32 in 2016, while Wendell won during season 36 in 2018. During Wendell’s season, Michele was active on Twitter, and showed the eventual champion a lot of support throughout the game.

While many viewers were shocked to learn about Michele and Wendell’s relationship, others had heard rumors about the romance beforehand, and are excited to see the two of them on the same tribe next week. Several fans are even hoping that the two form an alliance and ride together until the end, a la Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich (his now-wife) on Survivor: All-Stars! We’ll have to wait and see what happens on March 11!

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