‘Chicago Fire’s Miranda Rae Mayo Teases Kidd’s ‘Unexpected Journey’ & Stellaride ‘Bumps’

Big things are ahead for Stella Kidd. HL got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Miranda Rae Mayo about an 'unexpected journey,' what's ahead for Stellaride, and more.

Chicago Fire
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Miranda Rae Mayo is so excited about what’s coming up for Stella Kidd on Chicago Fire. “It’s some of my favorite stuff that I have ever done on the show,” Miranda told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at SCAD’s aTVfest in Atlanta. “There is an adventure with Boden where they embark on an unexpected journey together. They are partners in a task that is insanely challenging, and there’s one point where you think that they’re going to bite each other’s heads off, which is not a side of Bowden that you see very often. You see him engaging with firefighters, not the officers, but like the firefighters of the house in such an intimate way where the status is dropped just a little bit.”

Over the course of season 8, the writers have been building up a major leadership storyline for Kidd and that will continue to evolve. “She develops a program so I’m really excited for people to see how that goes and see Kidd be really passionate about something,” Miranda continued. “We have some characters that she has butt heads with in the past resurface they end up interacting in a way that I think is going to surprises audiences.”

As for Stellaride, they’re in the best place they’ve ever been. Don’t expect their relationship to get shaken up too much throughout the rest of season 8.

“For them, it’s been nice to be able to really branch out into different aspects of their life because their relationship is so sturdy,” Miranda said. “I mean, so far so good. I don’t see anything rocking their boat too much. They have a couple bumps coming up but nothing too crazy.” Chicago Fire season 8 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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