‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Joseline Hernandez’s Boyfriend Explodes After She Flirts With Another Man

Balistic yelled, 'I told you -- treat me like a king,' after he caught girlfriend Joseline Hernandez flirting with another man during the Feb. 20 episode of 'Marriage Boot Camp'.

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The Feb. 20 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition featured an explosive fight between Love & Hip Hop star Joseline Hernandez and her boyfriend, Balistic. It all started when the couples participated in an exercise that tested their individual loyalty and commitments to their partners, during which half of the partners attended a pool party full of attractive people. Meanwhile, the other half watched their partners on monitors, while camped out in a hidden room with Dr. Ish. Nothing too crazy happened, though, until Balistic saw Joseline feeding fruit to another man. She also asked him not to tell Balistic what they were doing. And that’s when he went off, bolted out of the room and headed towards the party.

“Man, shut the f*** up. Party over!” he yelled at Joseline, who was wearing nothing but a bikini, while everyone was hanging by the pool. “Why you mad?” she asked him. And then he replied, “Whatchu mean, why’m I mad? Get the f*** inside, man. Get the f*** over. Party the f*** over, man.” He then called Joseline a “nut,” as the other boot campers, who appeared to be stunned by his behavior, sat and stared in silence.

Joseline, who appeared a bit uncomfortable, held her champagne flute close to her body and asked again, “What happened?” He then ordered her to go inside with him. “Man, come on, man! Whatchu talkin’ about? Let’s go. What the f*** wrong witchu, man?” he asked. She then ran inside, and he continued shouting, “Come here! Yo, stop playin’. Yo, you think this is a f***in’ game, man? I’m not playing with her, man. Stupid ass, dumb ass [inaudible].”

On his way inside, Balistic knocked over a potted plant — purposely — and smashed it into pieces. He then approached Joseline inside the house and said, “What the f*** wrong witchu, feeding somebody fruit and shit? And then you tellin’ [inaudible], ‘Don’t tell nobody about what we did today.’ Man, f*** all this s***, man!”

And as if matters weren’t bad enough already, Balistic then knocked Joseline’s glass out of her hand and it shattered on the floor. “Are you serious?” she asked.

“Yeah, you a f***in’ nut, man! You not an example; you a f***in’ nut,” he said before she asked again, “What’s wrong?!”

“You a f***in’ nut a** broad, that’s what the f*** you are!” he said, while heading upstairs. As she followed close behind, Joseline yelled back, “Are you kidding me?!”

“Don’t disrespect me!” he fired back. “I told you: Treat me like a king! You don’t disrespect me, man!”

Fortunately, they ended up making up — after she apologized for her actions and broke down in tears in front of him. He didn’t want to see her get so emotional — he said it’s not what he wanted, but she wanted to make sure that from that point forward she’d never do anything like that again.

Want more drama? New episodes of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition air Thursdays at 10pm on WE tv.

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