‘The Goldbergs’ Sneak Peek: Beverly Gets Sassy During Her First Talk Show Interview

Beverly hits up a daytime talk show to chat about her cookbook in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Feb. 19 episode of 'The Goldbergs' and gets a little quippy with one of the co-hosts.

Erica and Barry come downstairs to find that Geoff is making their mom’s homemade chilly cheese lasagna in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of The Goldbergs. Geoff says he’s been using Beverly’s recipes and having the time of his life. “We are two very different men,” Murray says. Beverly walks into the house and greets her “Bevheads.”

Barry wants to know why Beverly is dressed like Melanie Griffith from Working Girl. Beverly has an explanation for everything: stardom. Beverly made an appearance on the show Mornin’ Jenkintown to talk about her cookbook. She turns on the TV so everyone can watch. “Look, you’re on TV. We can finally control your volume!” Murray jokes.

The co-hosts, Matt and Lizzie, want to know what’s next for Beverly. She says she’s going to “ride the wild success” of her book by getting into housewares, tax assistance, children’s clothing, TV shows, and more. Matt jokes that he and Lizzie need to watch their backs. Beverly tells him that everything he has will be gone. “Even Lizzie is going to leave you,” Beverly says.

Lizzie chimes in to say that she and Matt are not together. “Shut up, Lizzie. We all see how you touch his arm,” Beverly quips. Beverly doesn’t miss a thing.

The synopsis for the Feb. 19 episode reads: “A big party is being thrown at Dave Kim’s house and Pops has a plan to make Adam cool for the big event. Meanwhile, Beverly’s cookbook has made her “famous,” leading her to become out of control and fame-hungry, but eventually she learns an important lesson.” The Goldbergs season 7 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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