Jessica Simpson: The Rock Bottom Moment She Knew She Needed To Get Help With Addictions 

Jessica Simpson described the exact moment in 2017 that she knew it was time to 'surrender' diet pills and alcohol for good during a candid interview on 'The View,' February 5.

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Jessica Simpson is speaking her truth. The fashion designer, 39, who confessed to pill and alcohol addictions in her new memoir, Open Book, elaborated on the the exact moment in 2017 that she quit the “demons” that numbed her for so many years. Meghan McCain noted that in her new book, Jessica writes that her life changed after she woke up from a night of heavy drinking at a Halloween party at her home.

“I saw that I needed to be sober,” Jessica said in reference to the morning after that particular party. “And, I was Willie Nelson,” she joked about her “dear friend,” who’s known for his love for marijuana. “That moment was a very hard moment for me, because I realize that I wasn’t being the parent that my parents were to me and in raising my children, I wasn’t present,” Jessica recalled. “I couldn’t even tell you who got them ready. And, for me to miss out on those beautiful moments it just wasn’t worth it.”

When she woke up after the Halloween party, “I surrendered and I gave it all away. Truly, that day, they had therapists come over and I said everything — ‘I’ve been abused, I’ve been this, this, this and this,'” she recalled. “The therapist was like, ‘A lot of people don’t even say any of that in a year.'”

Now, Jessica is sober.

“I haven’t had a drink in two and a half years,” she admitted, to which the The View hosts and audience applauded her. The mom of three, who’s been journaling since age 15, said writing her new memoir was healing for her.

“I really wanted to just own my truth and my fame started a lot with a reality series and letting people into my life to really know me,” she said, explaining, “I felt like I had a little bit of a disconnect and I wanted to get to know myself. It was a very healing process for me. I really just feel like I just championed myself thorough a lot of fear and self doubt. Really it was my own words that ended up inspiring me and giving me the courage to just share that I’m human just like you, I’ve gone through things that a lot of people go through. It’s a really powerful moment in life.”

Jessica’s new memoir, Open Book, is out now. In the book, she also opens up about her past romances with John Mayer and Tony Romo, as well as her marriage and eventual divorce with Nick Lachey.

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