‘Vanderpump Rules’: Stassi, Kristen & Katie’s Drama Starts Affecting The Group

Stassi found herself caught in the middle of a friendship-ending fight between Katie and Kristen, during the Feb. 4 episode of 'Vanderpump Rules.

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Even though Jax and Brittany’s dual bachelor/bachelorette trip to Miami started off on a high note, things quickly took a dive during the Feb. 4 episode of Vanderpump Rules, when Kristen and Katie started fighting. Katie and Stassi were complaining about Kristen’s terrible attitude when Kristen clapped back and reminded them how their boyfriends and exes once cheated on them, and she was there to console them. The comment didn’t annoy Stassi all that much since her current boyfriend (Beau) is an absolute doll, but Katie’s still with the guy (Tom Schwartz) who once cheated on her. So for her, the comment struck a nerve, so in turn, Katie told Kristen so shut up and get out of her face.

Brittany wasn’t thrilled about how their drama was unfolding during her bachelorette party, so things definitely became awkward pretty quickly. And the next day, when Kristen told Scheana that she’d take a bullet for Katie and didn’t feel the same in return, Scheana told her, “Not everyone are meant to be life-long friends.” We’d say that’s the most solid advice Scheana’s ever given, and we almost want to applaud her for it, except she should have said “not everyone is“.

In the end, Kristen and Stassi made up, and Stassi said she’d never stop being friends with Kristen — she just wishes Kristen would be with Carter and say she’s with Carter if that’s what she truly wants. Meanwhile, Katie told Tom that it might be best for her to take a break from Kristen to show her what a real break looks like — unlike the one Kristen is allegedly taking from Carter.

Meanwhile, Sandoval, Schwartz, Jax, and Beau planned a surprise disguise for the girls when they dressed up as elderly men and invaded the strip club where the girls were partying. Fortunately for them, the girls thought it was hilarious and everyone had fun together.

Want more drama? New episodes of Vanderpump Rules air Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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