‘RHOC’: Emily Simpson Claps Back At Vicki After She Calls Her An ‘Idiot’: ‘You’re Fired’

Boom, roasted! Emily Simpson clapped back at former 'RHOC' star Vicki Gunvalson after she called her an idiot in a now-deleted tweet, and fans are losing their minds.

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star Emily Simpson‘s latest dig at Vicki Gunvalson, 57, has fans dying on Twitter. The 43-year-old clapped back at former RHOC cast member Vicki with just two words — “you’re fired” — after she called the mother-of-three an idiot in a now-deleted tweet. The exchange began on Dec. 11 2019 when Vicki tweeted, “Watched @BravoRHOC last night & was shocked to hear @RealOCEmily bash me about my age of 57. Referencing me as ‘old, I should be in a convalescent home, and geriatric.’ Really? I can’t change my DOB and you will get there too. #disrespectful #rude.” A fan of Vicki’s with the username @Williams68Shell replied, “I guess this is what happens when people @RealOCEmily spend too much time with the vile @RHOC_KellyDodd,” tagging both Emily and cast mate Kelly Dodd. Vicki quickly replied, “Yep. She drank the koolaid,” to which Emily clapped back, “And by ‘drank the kool aid’ you mean I didn’t turn on Kelly and hate her like the three of you wanted me to do. Your agenda was to turn everyone on the cast against Kelly and ice her out so she would be fired. I didn’t fall for it.” 

Although three weeks passed since Emily’s tweet, Vicki eventually responded on Feb. 1, tweeting, “Liar!!! I never once wanted anyone to turn against Kelly. My issue with her was between her and I. Nice try girl. You and I never spoke about Kelly and in fact we never spoke!!” to which Emily fired back, “It’s actually ‘between her and me’ but they probably didn’t teach you that at insurance school.” In a now-deleted tweet, Vicki simply wrote, “Your an idiot,” with a notably incorrect spelling of the word “your.” Much to the delight of fans, Emily clapped back with two words: “You’re fired.” Followers were quick to notice the heated exchange, with one person tweeted “Vicki Gunvalson Just Got Schooled By Emily Simpson,” while others simply responded with memes, including a popular clip from The Office with the words “boom, roasted.”

The conversation that initially sparked the Twitter war happed on the Dec. 11 episode of RHOC. “This is just like being in high school, but instead of the senior girls hating me, the senior citizens hate me,” Emily Simpson said during the show, in reference to Vicki and Tamra Judge, 52. Emily also added, “And I said ‘senior citizen’ … McDonalds and Arby’s offer ‘senior discounts’ for 55 and older,” she wrote before making the diss that much worse by adding, “So enjoy your roast beef sandwich.”

This isn’t the first, and likely won’t be the last time these two get into a war of words online, or on the show. After all, what’s The Real Housewives franchise without a little (ok, a LOT) of drama!?

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