Halsey Calls Out Troll Who Repeatedly Said Her Ex G-Eazy’s Name During Pre-Super Bowl Concert

Halsey proved she won't tolerate disrespect at her concerts on Feb. 1 when she tried to pinpoint a troll who was shouting out the name of her ex-boyfriend G-Eazy during her pre-Super Bowl performance at BudXMiami.

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Halsey, 25, made sure to remind the crowd at her pre-Super Bowl show that although she may be on stage, she’s not about to put up with any disrespect or heckling from anyone! The singer got major attention when she decided to bravely stand up for herself and call out a troll who kept shouting the name of her ex, G-Eazy, 30, during her performance at BudXMiami on Feb. 1. She didn’t hold back either.

“If you say G-Eazy one more f***ing time, I will kick you out this building,” Halsey said in the microphone before walking over to the area the troll was in. “I will kick your f***ing ass, test me. I will kick your ass out the f**king club. You’re not going to disrespect me like that at my own show.”

After trying to figure out who exactly the culprit was , the “Without Me” crooner was met with massive support from the crowd and she eventually led them into a chant that expressed her disapproval of the shouter. “F*** that guy!!!” she said into the mic before most of the crowd joined in.

The unexpected moment understandably made headlines and Halsey seemed to address it later on with a message in her Instagram story. “don’t ever let someone make u feel crazy or unhinged cus ur a woman standing up for urself. Don’t tolerate disrespect in the name of being ‘nice.’ Love u,” it read.

Since Halsey and G-Eazy reportedly had a very up and down relationship, it’s easy to see why the talented beauty would be negatively affected by the rapper’s name being brought up at a time when she’s supposed to be enjoying her music and her fans. The former couple started dating in the summer of 2017 but took “some time apart” in July 2018. They reconciled a month later but it didn’t last and they eventually parted ways by the end of Oct. 2018.

Although she tends to be private about most details in her romantic life, Halsey is known for standing up for what she feels is right, even if it causes controversy and discomfort. From opening up about a struggling past that includes a suicide attempt and a battle with bipolar disorder, to seemingly shading the Grammy Awards during an epic American Awards speech after she wasn’t nominated, it’s safe to say this girl is confident in her beliefs and isn’t about to let anyone weaken her strengths.

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