‘Station 19’s Danielle Savre Teases Maya’s ‘History’ & A ‘Happy’ Maya & Jack In Season 3

'Station 19' returns for season 3 with an epic crossover event with 'Grey's Anatomy' on Jan. 23. HL talked EXCLUSIVELY with Danielle Savre about Maya's season 3 arc, Maya and Jack's relationship, and more.

Danielle Savre
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Station 19 is kicking off its third season with one of its biggest challenges. In the Grey’s Anatomy season 16 mid-season finale, a car came crashing into Joe’s Bar. This accident will bring the characters of Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 together as they try and save lives, including people they know. However, this is just the beginning for the characters of Station 19. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with star Danielle Savre about what’s ahead for Maya after the Joe’s Bar incident. Get ready, it’s about to get very personal for Maya Bishop.

“I think Maya’s history is going to be really revealed this season — like big-time history,” Maya told HollywoodLife at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. “The relationship side of Maya and her issue with having relationships will be explored. Is she afraid of commitment? What does she really want out of life? And what’s going on with her and Jack? It’s really going to be interesting.”

Maya and Jack’s relationship was quite the surprise when it ignited in season 2. Danielle teased that Maya and Jack are steady when the show picks up. “They’re happy. They’re in a really good place,” Danielle said. “I think Maya and Jack seem very good. He seems good for her and she seems good for him. The question is: how long will that last? And for what reason? I think what we haven’t seen lately is that Maya is this Olympic athlete and we have not seen that really competitive side of her yet.”

In season 2, things got a little complicated for best friends Maya and Andy when Andy found out about Maya’s relationship with Jack. “I think at the root of it, they’ll always be best friends, but where their relationship is going is definitely on a journey this season,” Danielle said. Maya’s competitive nature and her extreme focus on certain things will create a “tunnel vision” that will impact her relationship with Andy as well, according to Danielle. Station 19 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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