Liam Payne Gets Dragged On Twitter As Fans Accuse Him Of Fetishizing Bisexuality On New Album

Liam Payne dropped his debut solo album on Dec. 6 and fans did not react well to the track 'Both Ways' which seemingly fetishizes a bisexual female.

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Liam Payne
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Liam Payne‘s fans aren’t pleased with his latest track “Both Ways” and took to Twitter to express their thoughts! In the sexy song, the 26-year-old references a female lover who is also sexually attracted to women — and some felt he was fetishizing bisexuality on the single. “My girl, she like it both ways/She like the way it all taste,” he sings on the song, which is on his debut solo album LP1. “Lovin’ the way that she’s turning you on/Switching the lanes like a Bugatti Sport” and “Like that you’re different,” he adds in later verses. It’s unclear if the song is inspired by a former flame, but he is credited as one of five writers on music-streaming app Spotify.

Shortly after the song’s release, #LiamPaynePartyIsOver began trending on Twitter — and fans made sure their opinions were heard! “Stop treating bisexual girls like sexual toys, they’re not here for your disgusting 3some fantasies, zayn would never do this,” fan @hyojinily tweeted, echoing the opinion of many that it’s not okay for men to objectify bisexual women for their own fantasies. “this is what happens when you fetishizes bisexual women and treat them like object to fulfill your fantasies,” @velvetcurlie echoed.

Another fan referenced controversial comments that Liam made about his former One Direction bandmate Harry Styleseclectic clothing choices. “We knew this one was coming for YEARS. knew it right after he backlashed Harry for dressing the way he does and being who he wants. the lgbqt+ community is NOT for your fetish. to see young women, men, or ANYONE being sexualized like that is disgusting,” fan @adoregeorgia wrote. Back in 2017, Liam explained on Capital FM Big Top 40‘s radio show that he “couldn’t rely on Harry [to babysit my son Bear] ’cause I feel like my child would come out dressed in something that I just wouldn’t understand.”

“nah you don’t get to fetishize bisexual girls and get profit off of it, we are not a sexual fantasy for straight men. im disgusted #liampayneisoverparty,” @itboyfairy also wrote, while @hypjinily added “stop treating bisexual girls like sexual toys, they’re not here for your disgusting 3some fantasies, zayn would never do this.”

This is not likely the reception that Liam was expecting for his highly anticipated debut album, which was released on Friday, Dec. 6. The 17-track project has been in the works for years, with the Brit dropping the first-ever single “Strip That Down” back in 2017. While Liam has yet to respond to the controversy, he did thank his fans for supporting the album. “Blown away by this reaction already! Thanks to everyone that’s picked up the album so far, your support doesn’t go unnoticed,” he tweeted on Dec. 6.

Liam is curently dating 19-year-old model Maya Henry, and the pair have been packing on the PDA on Instagram since celebrating their one-year anniversary! Prior to hooking up with Maya, Liam dated ex Cheryl Cole, 36, from 2015 – 2018, and the pair share 2-year-old son Bear together.