‘The Masked Singer’: All The Clues About The Identity Of The Butterfly

The Butterfly has yet to be revealed on 'The Masked Singer' but there are a number of clues that hint to this celebrity's identity. She may be a major pop star!

The Masked Singer is getting down to the wire and there are still a number of celebrities left to be unmasked. One of those celebrities is the Butterfly. Her performances of “Bang Bang,” “Livin’ On A Prayer,” and “Don’t Know Why” were absolutely stunning. It’s clear she’s a great singer. In her clue packages so far, the Butterfly has revealed a number of hints that give us a good guess as to her identity.

The Butterfly has revealed that she used to call London her home and hinted that she’s worked in the gospel world when she told fans that she’s here to “take you to church.” She also admitted that she’s been “waiting patiently in my cocoon for the promise of metamorphosis” and has spent “time in isolation.” She’s had breakups and breakdowns that have shaped her life. The Butterfly said that at the height of her career she had “everyone saying my name.”

Many of these clues lead us to believe that the Butterfly is singer and Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams. Michelle, 40, did live in London for a time when she was playing Roxie Hart in the West End production of Chicago. She also found success with her 2002 album Heart to Yours, which hit the top of the U.S. gospel album chart at the time. The biggest clue that the Butterfly is Michelle comes from her saying that everyone was “saying my name” at the height of her career. Destiny’s Child has a hit song called “Say My Name.”

The Butterfly will perform again during the Dec. 4 episode of The Masked Singer. The Butterfly, Fox, Thingamajig, and Tree are the remaining celebrities left. The Masked Singer season 2 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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