‘The Challenge’ Recap: 12 Players Make The Final As 1 More Female Competitor Is Sent Home

It's the last elimination before the final on the Nov. 27 episode of 'The Challenge' -- and one player is left heartbroken as she JUST misses her chance to compete for the win.

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The main alliance in the game (Paulie, Cara, Kam, Ashley, Ninja Natalie, Leroy, CT, Rogan and Dee) is still going strong against the rest of the competitors (Nany, Zach, Jordan and Tori) on the Nov. 27 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2. Tori knows she’s in a tough spot because her team (U.K.) has not shied away from voting their better players into eliminations this entire season. Naturally, she’s concerned that, even if her team wins, they’ll still vote her in. When she confronts C.T. with this information, he doesn’t do much to ease her mind, as he explains that his entire game has been played based on loyalty to the alliance, and that likely won’t change.

At this week’s challenge, two players from each team are tasked with collecting medallions while pulling themselves across a pulley system above the water. Meanwhile, one player from the other team is swimming to retrieve a saw from the water below, with hopes of cutting a rope to make their opponents drop into the water before they can collect the most medallions. Having less people becomes an advantage for team U.K. this time around, since they can utilize their best players in the best roles, while team U.S. is stuck needing to use some of their weaker swimmers in the water just to make sure their entire team participates.

Finally, thanks to Jordan’s swimming abilities, team U.K. pulls out the win. However, T.J. Lavin brings out a twist — the team U.S. nominations for who will go into the next female elimination will be decided on the spot. Nany is the only woman on team U.S. who’s not in the main alliance, so while she, Zach and Leroy vote for Ninja, the rest of the team votes for Nany, and she’s headed to the elimination.

Meanwhile, U.K. chooses C.T. as the speaker for their team, and he decides to switch things up by staying loyal to his team rather than his alliance. He chooses Rogan and Tori — which means she’s safe from elimination — to join him in the tribunal. Now, the three of them must vote in Nany’s opponent: C.T. goes with Ninja, Tori votes Ashley, and Rogan breaks the tie to vote Ashley, as well. Exciting news, though: The remaining players are headed straight to the FINAL!

At the “super elimination,” Ashley and Nany have to run up and down a long trail two times with puzzle pieces, then complete the difficult puzzle at the top. Both ladies finish the run around the same time, so it comes down to the puzzle, which Ashley finishes first. Unfortunately, that means Nany is headed home right before the final. Of course, Ashley has the option to switch teams if she wants to, but she opts to stick with team U.S. We’ll see how it all shakes out when The Challenge continues on Dec. 4 on MTV!

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