‘RHOA’: Kenya Cries Over Her ‘Toxic’ Marriage After Nene & Cynthia Reunite

Kenya Moore was forced to face a harsh reality, during the Nov. 24 episode of 'RHOA', when she revealed to Kenya that she and Marc Daly are fighting and have stopped having sex.

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Image Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Kenya Moore‘s marriage is already over, but thanks to her conversation with Kandi Burruss during the Nov. 24 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we now have more of an idea as to why her relationship with Marc Daly ended this past September. According to Kenya, she and Marc stopped having sex when she was about six to seven months pregnant with Brooklyn. She told Kandi that Marc seemed to feel “awkward” about having intercourse with her during that timeframe. But Kandi told Kenya that that was normal and the same thing happened to her. However, Kandi’s sex life went back to normal after the “baby popped out”, and Kenya’s didn’t. Kenya didn’t exactly say she and Marc hadn’t had sex since before she gave birth, but she hinted at it. And Kenya gave birth to Brooklyn in Nov. 2018, so considering the fact that this episode likely filmed around June — during NYC’s WorldPride — Kenya was likely dealing with one heck of a dry spell.

But that’s not all. Kenya also told Kandi that she and Marc would often get into heated arguments with each other. One even got so bad that he “crossed a line” that Kandi felt shouldn’t have been crossed. Kandi suspected that Marc called Kenya a bad name, but Kenya wouldn’t confirm nor deny. She just said that she wants to protect her daughter because she was never protected, herself, as a child. And as soon as she started breaking down in tears, Kandi put her arm around her, but that only made Kenya cry more. So Kenya got up and walked out of the room to compose herself. And that’s when Kandi said she had no idea that Kenya’s marriage with Marc was so “toxic”. Clearly, this was the beginning of the end for Kenya and Marc.

Meanwhile, Cynthia and Nene came face-to-face for the first time since their fall-out last year, when they reunited on Bravo’s WorldPride float. They didn’t really talk, but they each said hello to each other, and Cynthia told Nene that she looked great. Nene said thank you. But later, when Nene met up with Marlo near Central Park, Marlo urged her to apologize to Cynthia for everything that had happened and Nene said that she shouldn’t be the one who apologizes. Marlo didn’t agree with her, so Nene stormed off and left the lunch they were having.

Finally, Porsha returned to work as she planned her future as a single, working mother, and Kandi and Todd brought Ace to an ultrasound appointment with their surrogate to help get him accustomed to having a little sister.

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