T.I. Licks Tiny’s Face In Hot New Video After Telling Her She Can’t ‘Ration’ Sex

T.I.'s marriage with Tiny is going strong, which he proved by giving his wife more than one love lick!

T.I., Tiny Harris
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Forget kissing. T.I., 39, took his PDA with Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 44, to the next level by trying to lick her face, which Tiny documented for her Instagram Story on Oct. 28! Her response to the wet display of affection? “That’s nasty,” Tiny said as Tip thrust his tongue at her cheek, but her face said otherwise. The former Xscape member couldn’t stop smiling!

As you can infer from T.I.’s tongue action, the rapper loves being intimate with his wife of more than nine years. In fact, he went so far as to say he owns half of Tiny’s “sex box” and therefore she can’t be “rationing out” sex while the couple debated over marital obligations on the Oct. 22 episode of Tip’s ExpediTIously podcast.

“Yeah, sex is very important. I’m not saying that the woman that marries down don’t do nothing cause she still run it. She still like the breadwinner. She still may come home and cook for you. Give you sex and do everything,” Tiny told her husband on his podcast, but he took issue with her saying she “gives” him sex.

“Give you sex? What do you mean? Give you sex? Man, that’s in the contract. Man,” he responded, taken aback. Elaborating on this “contract,” he added, “I don’t give you nothing. See, you can’t be rationing out stuff, talking about what you’re going to give nobody because what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours. That means that little thing you got, that little sex box you got is half mine. So you pick which side you want, and that’s yours. The rest of it is mine.”

Although T.I. and Tiny have different opinions on sex, they’ve come a long way since Tiny filed for divorce in Dec. 2016. Tiny admitted that she was “living the life” while she “wasn’t with no man” on the Oct. 22 episode of Tip’s  ExpediTIously podcast, although T.I. later claimed they were “never apart” on the Oct. 29 episode of the Tamron Hall Show.

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