Skai Jackson Details Clapping Back At Azealia Banks When She Was Just 14: She Needed To ‘Simmer Down’

Skai Jackson spoke to HollywoodLife about effectively shutting down Azealia Banks, which she recounts in her new book!

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Skai Jackson
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Image Credit: Amanda Jones

Azealia Banks has been in her fair share of social media feuds, from bashing Nicki Minaj to Cardi B to, most recently, Lizzo. However, in 2016, when Disney star Skai Jackson was 14 years old, Azealia, 27, came for her. “I didn’t mean any bad intentions, it was just a simple statement saying she needed to simmer down because she was saying racist things to Zayn Malik, so I felt that I could state my opinion,” Skai explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with about the situation. However, after Skai tried to defend the former One Direction singer, Azealia came back at her with a seething response, writing, “and you need to grow some hips and start ur menses. stay in a child’s place.” “I was really shocked because I knew who Azealia Banks was — I actually liked her music — but it was really sad that it happened,” the actress said.

In her new book, Reach For The Skai, the now 17-year-old recounts this story as a way to teach her massive audience how to properly and effectively clap back (because she essentially shut Azealia down). “I would argue back and back and forth and it’s just a never ending thing and at a certain point it just makes you look bad. I learned to, even if they are saying things that are horrible towards you, just leave it alone,” Skai advised. “Even if it does bother you, block them. That’s what I did with Azealia. I think that’s the most powerful thing you can do — not give them a response.”

She is also a huge advocate against bullying and uses her platform to speak out about her own experiences, while helping others. “We need to support each other, especially in this generation and in this time I think it’s really important,” Skai explained. “I always just tell people, before you do something, think twice about it, think three times about it, before you post it or say it to the person. Most of the time when you say things in the moment and then you’re going to regret it later.”

Photo By Amanda Jones for HollywoodLife

Skai’s book, Reach For The Skai, is out now and you can catch her on book signings across the country!