Sara Haines Gushes Over Co-Host Keke Palmer’s ‘Hustlers’ Performance: ‘I’m So Proud’

Sara Haines is raving about her 'Strahan, Sara & Keke' co-host, Keke Palmer, after her incredible performance in 'Hustlers!'

We’re all gearing up to finally see Jennifer Lopez‘s Hustlers this weekend after reading rave, Oscar-buzzing reviews. TV host Sara Haines is lucky enough to have already seen the film and absolutely gushed over her co-host Keke Palmer‘s role in the movie! “Keke in that Hustlers setting — she has that vibe in everything she wears and dresses, but to see her in action… I wasn’t raised on her movies, but Hustlers, that’s my jam!” Sara raved to HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview at the Us Weekly Most Stylish New Yorkers party. “I was like, ‘Keke, I don’t even have words for how proud I am. I am so excited for her.”

Sara, donning a Sharon Tate-inspired look, continued to praise the actress, saying, “She is a scene stealer, but she’s just a life scene stealer, because even when she’s in her own skin, she walks in, and you’re going to notice Keke because she’s a light.” Keke just excitingly joined Sara Haines and Michael Strahan as a host on their 1 PM ABC talkshow, and the trio are bringing the fun to daytime television! “She was always a burst of joy and sunshine in a bottle and I love that because Michael and I always said that about each other. Keke has this quick, nonstop energy,” Sara said of why Keke was a great addition to the show. “We all joust the same way. We’re all from multi-sibling families and we treat each other like that, so we’re always looking for the next joke, the next trick, and no one gets offended by it!”

Sara joined a slew of celebs at Us Weekly’s annual event, where she was honored for her impeccable fashion! At the party, held at Cathédrale at The Moxy, Sara rocked a neon green sparkling wrap dress with her blonde hair swept in a voluminous bump in Sharon Tate-fashion. The show host looked so good, you’d never know she welcomed her third child just two and a half months ago!

Courtesy of ABC

“I think that’s why fashion is so important. It’s a first impression, but it’s also great to dress for the way you want to feel. When I put this on, my makeup artist and hair stylist always tease me because when I start to do this look, they’re like and ‘She’s here!'” Sara joked, doing kissy lips for the HL cameras. “When that all starts to piece together, I literally feel myself lifted! Now, the baby part… I feel tired, but that’s the amazing part of make-up!”

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